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smithkel47, Community Member


Life Happens, Managing My Condition

In the early part of 2016 the doctor found 3 fibroid. As the months pass and I was experiencing more and more pain during my menstrual cycle. I went back to my physician and they notice that 2 more large fibroid had grown in my uterus.


This issue had affected my work performance along with stress incontinence. Embarrass to... Read moreChevron

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Anthony5043, Community Member


My 13 Year Old Still In Diapers

Hi there, my son has always had a bedwetting problem and i was hoping someone could help. My sister finally convinced me to put him back in diapers about a year ago and im glad we did. Better than dirty laundry and doesnt have to worry about the smell when his friends come over.

Once he was potty trained we took away the diapers even... Read moreChevron

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Diane Domina

Diane Domina, Editor

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Botox Therapy vs. Sacral Neuromodulation to Treat Urge Incontinence


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Urge incontinence, also... Read moreChevron

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Momof3indiapers, Community Member


3 older kids in diapers

So i know allot of ppl here will get really upset with my chooce but all i can say its my family and my chooce. 

I am mother of 3 kids boys 9 11 and 15 the little once are diapered for badwetting i never tryed to go to any dr just cuz i was a bw myself and i know how my mom and dad dealt with it. 

so i just pout them in... Read moreChevron


tez, Community Member

many health drama"s and back in diapers..over active bladder is killing me..been back in them i dont know if i am a old man or a baby

chronic bedwetter

 was a cronic bedwetter till age 14..but back in my days they did not have the things they have today to help with it..i was in cloth diapers and plastic pants..never had sleep overs with mates each time they asked i just made some story up on why not...i was the youngest in the family..washing day freaked me out somewhat with diapers... Read moreChevron
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