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Jessica McKinney, PT

Jessica McKinney, PT, Health Guide

Jessica is a physical therapist and pelvic health advocate.

Can Yoga Help Incontinence?

“Start with the breath…”  That’s what the yoga instructor said today at the class I attended.  “What separates us (in yoga) from the rest of fitness is the breath, the emphasis and attention to the breath,” she continued.  Just prior to class, I had been working on this piece and rereading two studies published this month... Read moreChevron

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Nancy  Muller

Nancy Muller, Health Pro

National Association for Continence, Executive Director

Stroke Becoming More Common in Younger Adults

New research published in the October 10, 2012 online issue of Neurology, the scientific journal of the American Academy of Neurology, reveals that strokes are becoming more common in younger people.1  While part of the explanation for this alarming trend could be improved diagnosis through advanced imaging technology, it... Read moreChevron

Merely Me

Merely Me, Health Guide

I am a published writer who suffers from depression and MS

In Sickness and In Health

Hi everybody!


I know what you are going to say.  I have not been present here for a couple of weeks.  This is a new thing for me.  Since I began with Health Central in August of 2008 I... Read moreChevron


Options for Dealing with the Pain of Incontinence

Many people suffering from incontinence have the added issue of pain associated with bladder and prostate issues.


I had surgery to remove some infected prostate tissue in an attempt to cure my chronic bladder infections; unfortunately, it did not.


What it did leave me with is urge incontinence, stress... Read moreChevron

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