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Q: What are the best disposable diapers for teens

Hi, I have a thirteen year old who has bedwetting problem , due to a side effect of his medication. We have tried 'Nightpants,' ..brands as Huggies, etc. each night he is drenched, and the pad I place under him is drenched. I wonder if anyone  can recommend a diaper (disposable only) that has a much greater absorbancy than what we are using. Any suggestions would be appreciated!


Thanks, Lucy    

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Colin, Community Member
7/27/08 12:46pm

  There are several brands of diapers that have good reputations for night use.Although I primarily use pin-on cloth diapers covered with plastic pants for bedwetting I have also used disposable tape tab diapers for night use.I've used both the Abena Abri-Form X Plus diaper and the Molicare super plus diaper.Both of these diapers have a plastic outer covering as opposed to the cloth outer covering pull-ups have which in my opinion offers better protection.Some people prefer diapers which have a cloth outer covering because they  feel they're more discreet and don't make the crinkling sound associated with many diapers  but even with the new breed of disposable diapers the crinkling sound is hardly noticeable.As I said I prefer the diapers with the plastic covering as opposed to the cloth and since your son only wears them at night I wouldn't think this would be an issue for him

  XP Medical sells both Abena Abriform X Plus and Molicare Super Plus.They also have a chart on their website which lists different specifications for the different types and brands of diapers out there such as whether or not the diaper has elastic leg gathers,elastic waist bands,refastenable tapes,the capacity of the diaper,etc.I think the Abenas can hold up to 72 oz. which might be good for your son.Some people complain that the Abenas are too bulky but I personally don't have that problem.Their toll free number is (888)485-2268.I forget whether or not they have samples but you might want to call or email them and if possible get a sample of both the Abenas and Molicare and see what works best for your son.I forgot their email address but if you do a google search for XP Medical you can get their email address from their website.

   HDIS which stands for Home Delivery Incontinence Supplies also sell various disposable diapers.The last time I was on their site they had a sample pack of disposable diapers specifically designed for overnight protection.I don't recall the contact information but I believe I listed the phone number and other contact information in my share post "Advice About Types and Brands of Diapers to Wear for Bedwetting" or again you can do a Google search.

   I was also on the Principle Business Enterprises website.They make the Tranqulity brand products.They make something called the "All Through the Night" disposable brief which has  a plastic outer covering,tapes,elastic leg gathers,and I believe they have an elastic waist band also.I haven't tried them but their "All Through the Night" disposable briefs have a good reputation.Their phone number (800)467-3224.You can purchase a sample brief from them for $1.99

  One of the things to remember about shopping for diapers is the terminology that is used.The term "disposable brief" refers to diapers for both youths and adults.Disposable briefs look and fit just like baby diapers-they have tapes,elastic leg gathers,most

 have an elastic waist band,and depending on the manufacturer either have a cloth or plastic outer covering.Some manufacturers such as Abena offer both plastic and cloth outer coverings on their diapers.

  Some people have a problem with wearing disposable briefs because of their resemblance to baby diapers but I believe in time most people can come to terms with it.I've written a share post about this called "How to Encourage Older Children and Teens to Wear Diapers and Plastic Pants to Bed".This post offers several methods and techniques a parent can use to motivate an older child,adolescent,and teenager who is reluctant to wear diapers to bed to try them out.Although it primarily talks about cloth diapers and plastic pants the same advice and techniques can be applied to disposable diapers.Have you thought about trying pin-on cloth diapers and plastic pants? Perhaps you can use both disposables and pin-on diapers-on some nights you can have him wear the tape-on diapers and some nights you can have him wear the pin-ons.

  If you have any other questions you can email me.The site was recently redesigned so I'm not sure how to contact me but I believe you can click on my name and there's a place to contact me.I would be interested to know how you make out.




Colin, Community Member
7/27/08 1:07pm

Dear Lucy,


            I was trying to figure out how you can send me a message and I think the way to do that is the following:Go to the incontinence section of the health central website.Not too far down on the site are several sections in the middle of the site-"find", "manage" ,"connect"," market place" ,and "ask".Right next to "ask" is a search box.Type in my name and after you type in my name in the search box you'll get a post of mine and then "Colin's profile" in the first hit.Click on that and then click on "send message".I think after that you need to type in your name and password.I believe  this is the way to do this but if you have any questions or problems you can email either the site manager or the moderator of the website Maria Gifford.I hope my advice helps.




Colin, Community Member
7/27/08 8:14pm

Dear Lucy,


             I have some more info for you which I meant to add to my previous post.HDIS has a brief sample pack for youths for $9.95.You might want to check with them to see if they have a pack specifically designed for overnight use.I thought I saw an overnight sample pack also-you might want to doublecheck with them.Their phone number is (800)269-4663.Their web address is They also have a personalized delivery plan.For instance you can arrange to have your products shipped to you at a specific time interval such as 4 weeks for example.You can save an additional 5% with this plan.


  Another company that sells disposable briefs is Continence Connection.I believe their web address is They say on their website that if you find a cheaper price online they'll match it.They sell Tranquilty All Through The Night Disposable briefs which they say is their best selling diaper.Their phone number is (888)356-6993.


  There is a disposable brief designed specifically for heavy incontinence/overnight use called the Secure X Plus disposable brief.They're sold by both G.Hirsch and Company.Their web address is and their phone number is (800)638-8800.I'm not sure if they just deal in wholesale or whether or not they sell retail also but you might want to contact them to  find out.Another company that sells this product is called phone number is (866)440-0049.They make a small brief which is for waist sizes 22"-34" so it may or may not fitr your son.It seems like most youth brief sizes start at 18" and some go buy weight also so when inquring about this I would also give his weight size.


   Attends has a youth brief also but I'm not sure how good they are.I think they used to be better years ago when they were owned by Proctor and Gamble(the same company that manufacturers Pampers and Luvs) You might want to see if they have samples.


  The website for Principle Business Products(the company that maufactures the Tranquility All Through the Night disposable youth briefs) is


  Finally there is a brief manufactured in Europe called the Euron brief.The Europeans have a good reputation for making quality incontinence products-for instance Abena is manufactured in Denmark-they seem to be more absorbent than many American products.I'm not sure if they're imported yet to the U.S. but you could contact them.I have the contact info somewhere but if you do a Google search and type in Euron incontinence brief you should be able to come up with the company.


  One thing you have to keep in mind is that choosing an incontinence product is a very personal decision.Sometimes what one person likes might not work out for you that's why it's good to experiment with different brands and types of diapers and try to get samples if possible.Fortunately many companies will send out samples either for free or for a nominal price.


  Also I wouldn't necessarily rule out trying pin-on cloth diapers and plastic pants(if you have the time and inclination to do laundry) Many people including me consider them the best type of diaper to use for bedwetting.Hope this helps.






Colin, Community Member
7/27/08 10:25pm

Dear Lucy,


             There is some more info I have for you about different products and companies(I just got back yesterday from a vacation at the beach and my mind must still be at the beach!) which I neglected to add to my previous answers to your question.There is a company called ABAIP which sells various disposable briefs.I haven't ordered anything from them but the company has a good rep.It's run by a person who has incontinence.The web address is and the phone number is (888)401-5311.


  The website for Euron briefs is I don't know if they have a U.S. distributor for their products.According to their website they've been around since 1979.I emailed them to find out if they have U.S. distributors.I'll let you know what they say.


  There are prouducts you can add to disposable briefs in order to make them more absorbent.They're called diaper doublers.They're also known as booster pads or liners.They're made specifically for disposable briefs which are tape-tab diapers.I don't know if they make them for pull-ups.Apparently Toys R Us/Babies Are Us sell diaper doublers.They're made to fit into baby diapers so I don't know if they'll fit into youth briefs.


  I hope this info helps and if I come across anything else I'll be sure to pass it along.




dave r, Community Member
9/10/08 8:30am
personaly i prefer abena x plus Reply
DaveH, Community Member
11/23/08 3:54pm

I would go for either boots own adult or tena lady pants they come in various sizes and absorbency.Or try a couple of external catheter samples from charter healthcare.


Hope this is of use!


Dave H

Kola, Community Member
1/22/09 9:18pm

The best I have found is the Abri-Form X-Plus available from

They have a much better wick effect than any other disposable and therefore will hold much more without leaks. That is the reason cloth diapers are so effective in that the wetness spread over most of the diaper.

Stanley_19802, Community Member
3/17/09 1:49pm



     I have been a bed wetter for 12+ years now and have found that either the Uniquebreifs or the Dry247 are both great disposable diapers that advertise can hold close to 2 liters of urine. Using both I can go all night and have 2-3 wettings before they come close to leaking. And both places have free sample you can get. The address for the Uniquebriefs is: and the site for Dry247 is: I hope that helps. If your son would like a site for support to help him through this you can also try



Jeff, Community Member
5/14/09 3:28am

When I was a teen and having bed-wetting problems which for me was over 7 years ago, I used Goodnites.......however, my best friend who has a 13 year old brother uses Underjams, and said that they stay on better through those active dreams. When my friend told me about his brother, I told my friend that I actually had that problem back then too, and it might help for his brother to know that his friend's best friend had the same problem. I talked to his brother for awhile and shared stories about everything I knew would be helpful. When a teen wears diapers to bed, ((LIKE I DID)), we tend to be VERY self conscience about our image, and afraid of even letting our parents hear a crinkle/ see the diaper on us.....because we're trying to develop our image, but the diaper sure didn't help with that development....none the less, we knew we needed it.


The best thing I could have had at that time was the knowledge of who else wore diapers in my class at school, and become best friends with them, but that would require sleep-overs, and I sure couldn't risk wetting my sleeping bag at THEIR PLACE. So, I simply invited people to my place, and waited for them to fall asleep so I could sabatage them by making them pee themselves, so once they woke up, I could share my secret......However....truth be told, that only happened with one of the friends I invited. The friend whom has the brother whom I shared stories with is a completely different friend though.


The friend who got totally embarrased at my place was a neighbor of mine whom I considered to be a close friend, but over time, he made associations with the wrong crowd, and became VERY LIBERAL.........I think you know where this is going.....We are now only "Friendly acquaintences", but still laugh when we talk about the morning I showed him my Goodnites. He started buying Goodnites for awhile in fear that he actually was starting to bed-wet again, but didn't seem to have a problem, so I'm not sure if he ever added it up and came to the honest conclusion. I sure will never admit to it! Your kid could do that....or perhaps you could even help him with it. I gaurentee you, that any of his friends whom come over and wet themselves WONT be sharing that embarrassing info with their parents. Even if they did, parents know that kids that age are going through alot of changes, and probably expect something to happen every once in a while.


Personally ((I'm 23)), but when I become a parent, and my kid experiences the same problems I did (( Inherited ))....He's going to have alot better time coping with it then I did, because he's got the coolest dad around who understands his problem and is willing to admit about his past. That's the biggest thing right there......I was deathly afraid of my dad knowing about me wearing Goodnites. My mom found out about it only because I wasn't careful where I disposed them. My brothers were my life-saver, and their lips were sealed..((Well, they thought it was cute that their little brother was going to wear diapers AGAIN....They didn't want tot spoil it)).


The BIGGEST "NO NO"  that you can do..........IS GOSSIP about your son's PRIVATE problem to ANYONE ..............I MEAN ANYONE!!!!!! To this day, I am DEATHLY afraid of whom of my relatives KNOW about me, due to my GOSSIP MOM. This is 1 of the deadliest SINS for any mom to make((( in the eyes of THEIR SON)). Who knows, maybe I am speaking to the choir, but even so, it's important to remember. I moved FAR AWAY from my parents......They live in St. Joseph, MO......I moved to Everett, WA.. To me, it sounds like perhaps you and your son have a good relationship going, or at least he's not shy about his problem to you. This is good, and hopefully he doesn't move FAR AWAY, as I felt I had to do. I really wish the best for your son ....and even you for that matter, as before my mom knew, we had a really good relationship with each other. (( I was a "momma's boy".)). I however don't trust my mother with GOSSIP however......anything she knows, she spreads to her sisters.....This is just a fact, as I heard her talk about my oldest brother to my aunts......She didn't know I was secretly listening in, but that's why its important to not spread gossip.



AS I SAID me it sounds like none of my mothers problems are one's that you would have........To me, this was more or less a way of "venting my frustrations", and hoping that more people will understand the minds of teens, and how we think. Us boys develop/mature a little slower than girls do.....even I'll admit that, however maybe its for a good reason, because our future consists of being the head of the household, being IN CHARGE, and even while this is not an immediate transition for the majority of us, it's still hard-wired into boys, to take a little longer enjoying boyhood longer. For girls, its the opposite, their mature much faster, and look adult like much sooner. I can't really explain why, because logically, I would thing it would be the exact opposite......but God has a sense of humor, and understanding Him is like understand the universe.




Sorry for keeping you so long,




Dana, Community Member
5/15/09 12:16pm

The best possible incontinence line as well as the most absorbent is the ABENA line period .. they fit a little long but it works very well from youth to senior.. I personally have got from , , in the U.S. and , in Canada

Isis, Community Member
6/30/09 11:31am

Abena brand is taking the Canadian market by storm everyone I talk to is recommending them... The Air Plus X-Plus for night is a 12 hour brief and the Super is the Day time version...

They cost more but will save you about 30% over most cheaper brands that are not effective like Attends, Tena, Tranquility and Prevail...

The ABENA line are the most absorbent incontinence line in the world, they are made in Denmark and imported to North America...

Ernie L Berndt, Community Member
8/30/11 5:52pm

Yes  the   abena  is  the  very  best  in  diapers.  how  ever  i  would  like  to  see them  with  a  plastic  outer   cover  as  well   as   cloth.   thank-you 

movemaster1, Community Member
5/29/09 12:00pm

you should try tena pants for men

Isis, Community Member
6/30/09 11:38am

Your problem will go away ... or your money back with the ABENA X-Plus absorbent which holds as much as 4000ml (4Liters) WOW...order on line from

or ask your local dealer to bring them in for you, here in Calgary we have about 6 dealers that all carry the Abena line...

diapermom, Community Member
10/ 4/09 12:41am

my daughter is a wetter and was in disposables for a while but broke out in rashes from them so i put her into cloth diaper and rubber pants.they work well and she hasnt had a rash since.she is 14 now and still in the cloth diapers and rubber pants.when i am fairly sure she is not going to wet,she wears just the rubber pants.last easter i did a double thick cloth diaper on her with adult size rubber pants over it under her pink easter dress,i had to change her three times that day.

bquam28, Community Member
11/ 2/09 4:58pm

hey how are. i have a physical disability that has made it where my bladder is uncontroled. i have been like that since i was two. and have been in diapers my whole life. and  depend is by far i think the best brand. i never have issues with them and i am a vary active person. i walk to the store, jog, and they do not leak. and when i go, i go hard. i mean every other brand has broke before i get done. depend are strong, stable, and can hold alot. when i go it usually puts out abot 20.5 ounces. and they hold without a problem. and the majority of peoples bladders can hold around 11 to 18 ounces. the best thing is you can buy them at walmart or get them from a drug store on state medical assistance. any other questions


hope i could help

pet, Community Member
11/10/09 6:08pm

I think that depends over night diapers would wok or any over night adult diaper would work.

matthew, Community Member
12/ 3/09 9:35pm

if i where u i would really try depends i am not a teen i am an adult but i have a bedwetting proublum and i were depends and they work GREAT


matthew, Community Member
12/ 3/09 9:35pm

if i where u i would really try depends i am not a teen i am an adult but i have a bedwetting proublum and i were depends and they work GREAT


Mr8ball, Community Member
1/24/10 12:26am

I broke my back in an auto accident. Now I wear Depend Maximum Protectetion brief 3 tapes each side with vinyl pants over them. Pants came from Dr Leonards 3 pr for $ 9.95 and my under pad has been dry every night 350 nights out of 365 nights. That is a good dry log..

Good luck

Chrispy, Community Member
10/ 1/10 11:49pm

The best I have found is the Providers Choice Active Ultra Plus diaper.  Leakage protection is especially important for teens because a leak could mean friends finding out, which can be devistating.  These diapers are discrete, quiet and white in color, with velcro tapes, making them easy to put on and readjust.  They are by far the most absorbent diaper I have found on the market, absorbing as much as 120 fl oz!  They are a bit more expensive than the typical store brands, but its worth it for the extra confidence your teenager with gain.  It is truely the best disposable diaper for teens or adults.  The medium will fit from 26" to 36" waist very well.  I bought these from

stillhere, Community Member
10/31/10 3:50pm

Hi Lucy - I have a nephew that is nighttime incontinent and we've tried a couple of diapers. I would recommend trying the following adult diapers. The Attends brief is an economical choice yet absorbent. As others mentionned the Abena Abri-form briefs are an excellent choice. Molicare Super brief is also a great choice. I get my Abena Abri-forms from the medium and large sizes are a little bit cheaper than xpmedical and they do free shipping over $25. They have samples too if you want to try the kendall simplicity diaper too.


I would also recommend the tranquility ATN diaper for night time or extended use. Very absorbent. You can also get samples of Tena and Attends on their websites at and


Best of luck.



ComputerGeek93, Community Member
1/23/11 8:06pm

i would personally recommend Dry 247 by Dry Care

thundermut, Community Member
6/ 7/11 7:08pm

best choice diapers

wmc2577, Community Member
12/ 7/11 5:54pm

 id recommend getting pampers  size 7 and  pampers babydry size 6 and I know he's a bit too old for these but I'm telling you now they really work  but if it dosen't work let me know and email me @




jmurph, Community Member
1/10/12 2:28pm

star diapers would work well and are meant for children/teens his age. 

Tom, Community Member
2/10/12 6:15pm

Lucy, try him in the "Premium Nighttime Absorbent Underwear" by Tranquility.  This product is every bit as absorbent as the diaper-style products, but it is a pull-on, which should be more acceptable to a 13yo boy.  Tranquility has <a href="">youth sized diapers,</a> and pull ons.  This product is extremely absorbent, but not overly bulky, and fits like regular underwear.  Best of luck.

GW, Community Member
7/21/12 11:04am

I just saw this question it is about 4 years old, but thought I would make a sugestion.


Try star Diapers (http://www.qualitydiapers.net0

BedwettingAdult, Community Member
8/23/12 10:05am

To whom it may concern,

This post is 4 years old but who knows,  maybe some other parent out there is looking for diapers fo their teen too... 

I'm not sure if existed 4 years ago but they are a great new line of diapers for young teens around that age.

4 years later your kid is now 17 and probably much bigger than he was when this was originally posted.

Another new diaper that would be great for him now is Dry 24/7's.  These are super absorbent and are great teen diapers should you still need them. 

bobp, Community Member
12/14/12 2:35pm

hi try euronform super plus i have cerebal palsy and zero bladder controll and the nhs in the uk suply my nappys free of charge they allso suply terry nappys and rubber pants for daytime use and they provide a laundry service for the tery nappys

Joy, Community Member
7/ 1/13 1:18pm
There are these tape up diapers bran tena & get the one with full absorbency, I have to be diapered 24/7 (I hate it!) but at night I use them, pull-ups are hopeless for your child is probbly sleeping on their side causing major leaks... I know the feeling anyway the high absorbency tena tapeup is made for such things & they are 100% disposable Reply
Robby, Community Member
6/19/14 11:18am
I'm 16 still have bed wetting problems and I use luvs size 6 Reply
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