April 27, 2008
    Will adhesions make insertion of a supra pubic cathter difficult?
    SJ SJ
    April 27, 2008

    I have a rare bladder dysfunction that started 17 years ago after a radicial hysterectomy.

    I have extensive pelvic wall adhesions. Which is causing terrible bladder and bowel problems. I have a neurogenic bladder along with gross incontinence, and leaking. I am on my fourth inter-stim, I have two pudendal wire IPG's. I now have some urge to void once and awhile but, not consistant. Some days and times throughout the day I have no urge and have total urine retention. Needless to say I  straight cath after every void 6 times daily,  I never know if my bladder emptied or not. A supra pubic cather has been suggested by my urologist. due to the problem with incontinence. I like the idea I would rather cathter from my stomach were I can see vers going in through my urethra.  What is the long turn effects of this cathter?  I will have to have this cather for the rest of my life.




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