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Tuesday, July 13, 2010 lalala12345, Community Member, asks

Q: I am a teenager and I want to wear diapers, but I don't want to tell my parents. what do I do?

Okay, well, I am 13 and I want to wear diapers. I don't want to tell my parents though. I don't know how I can wear them, but hide it from my parents. Should I start wetting my bed on purpose so I have a reason to wear them? Or should I just tell my parents. I'm scared my parents will think I need help or something and take me to a therapist. So, wht should I do?. Please help!

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steve jenkinson, Community Member
7/13/10 10:53am

Ok well this is not an easy question to answer you say you want to start to wear diapers I take it that you don't have a wetting problem. Don't think I am judging you I am not I know there are people that wear diapers for other reasons apart from incontinence such as comfort and security and then there are people that wear them for long jorneys,going to the cinima and more. There are also those that wear diapers because they have a fetish and I think you may be in this catorgrie.I would think that you might be barking up the wrong tree wetting your bed you may create more problems for your self than you would like to handle.I think that if your Mum is the type of person that will sit down and listen then take her to one side and talk to her about it if she is the caring mother that listens and loves you and will help you, talk to her and see what she says.

If I am right and you do have a fetish for diapers you will not beat it, it will be there all the time until you do some thing about it,it will make you unhappy it will eat at you until you make the first step and buy some diapers but I still think no matter how hard it will be you need to get your mothers blessing first.I have done a lot of reserch on the internet about such things and belive me I am right.

Now the other thing is wearing diapers all the time is not easy first there is the cost then there is the discomfort when you are sore and they do make you sore some times I know I wear them 24/7 and they can be a real pain sometimes.

I have to wear diapers because I have been incotinent for some years now, they are not what I would wear out of choice.

Please let me know what you think about my message and if you are going to talk to your mother.One other thought that might be of some help when you talk to her and that is you could do some reserch on infantism on the internet or even show her this message.

Best of luck



billy1996, Community Member
2/15/11 3:38pm

ok im 14 gonna be turning 15 i have a bed wetting problem and i need help i have my friend buy thm how should i tell my mom i wet the bed and need her to understand  she wont understand i need help give me advices to help me not be so nervouse to ttell my mom and  what kind of diapers  or pull ups should i wear email me back               

8/20/14 7:50am
U should tell yo mom if it that bad and your tired of it she well most likely ofther u diapers u well feel much better Reply
Benny1995, Community Member
7/13/10 8:36pm

lots of people that  that do is  go buy them and  if your mom dad is nothome then hide ist some where  i have a friends  that like to wear them and he go buy them and hide its in his room  so his mom and dad do not knwo    

diperninja, Community Member
11/29/10 3:27pm

   i am the same as you i started wetting the bed on perposs so my parents should buy them so that would be my edvice to you


i love diapers alot, Community Member
12/ 9/10 8:46pm

 hi i love diapers i mean like crazy but  idont wear them. what do i do about it i mean do i tell my therapist or my grandparents i mean i need some i mma little confused on what to do about it comments and answers {serious ones } are greatly appreicated


steve jenkinson, Community Member
2/15/11 7:41pm

Hi you say you love diapers and don't wear them so how do you know you love them I think you mean you would love to wear diapers well that is fine. You say should I talk to my therapist well I will tell you what he/she will say they will say if that is what you wat then go ahead and wear diapers. As for your Granparents well that might be another thing if they really love you and are understanding then you might sway them around but it is going to take some fancy talking on your part. it sounds to me as though you have a fetish for diapers if so you will not beat it if you try fighting it you will loose every time just accept it for what it is and enjoy it. are you male or female and what age are you. Now I might be guessing wrong here but here we go you mention your granparents are they your gardians and where are your parents? I am thinking you live with your granparents and some thing has happened to your parents a few years ago the reason I say this is because I think you have something called infantism and this is some times bought on by a traumatic insident in your early years. Please let me know if i am right and I will help you as much as I can.


Diaper Boy, Community Member
4/21/12 5:27pm

Yes start wetting your bed, that's what I do.

Diaper Boy, Community Member
4/22/12 1:40am
That's so weird. I'm also 13 and I wear diapers, but I don't tell my mom. Reply
Geoffrey, Community Member
8/19/12 10:56pm
I wet the bed for three nights then just said I was tired of being soaked. It worked and they offered me diapers. I am wearing them to bed for the first night now. Reply
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