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Saturday, June 07, 2008 reavley, Community Member, asks

Q: Hi at present I am taking Vesicare 5mg, but this does not help my bladder and the constant need to

go to the toilet, can anyone sugest an alternative as doctor is not very understanding. I believe you can up the dose to 10 mg, does anyone know if it is 2 x 5mg tables  1 x morning and 1 x night or is there a 10mg once a day.

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Pete, Health Guide
6/ 8/08 11:53am

When I took Vesicare, it was once a day. I started out with 5mg, which wasn't working, so my doctor had me double to 10mg, but still taken at the same time. I always took them at night to lessen the side effects.


Not sure what other OAB meds you have tried but there are several. If Vesicare is not working, ask your doctor for something else. If your doctor is unresponsive, find another.


Botox works best for me. Hope this helps.

studentlou, Community Member
9/26/09 5:09am

Hi there


Try changing to the Kentera patch.  Works the same as vesicare but you change a patch every 4 days and it removes most of the side effects.  Also means your body has a constant measured dose of the drug rather than the peaks you get with vesicare.



Jay Motola, Health Pro
11/ 5/10 9:02am

Vesicare can be taken as either a 5 mg or a 10 mg dose, but both dosages are intended for once daily and not twice daily dosing. It is a drug that falls into the category of anticholinergic medication.  There are numerous drugs in this category, and if this is ineffective for you, a trial of some of the others may be more beneficial. An evaluation to determine the cause of your frequency should also be undertaken. If your frequency is as the result of overactive bladder that fails to respond to the traditional medications, it is possible that Botox could be useful for you.

Nancy Muller, Health Pro
4/ 1/11 3:49pm

Just visit the home page of our web site at and look for the Find An Expert section.  Enter your zipcode and search for a competent physician who specializes in continence care and can help you.  Alternatively, call 1.800.252.3337 (1.800.BLADDER) and speak personally to our Health Educator on staff, available M-F 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.  We're here to help.  Nancy Muller

irmgard, Community Member
10/29/12 10:10pm

did you get this sorted? i take 1x10mg at night but the past few months i feeli am going backto the way i was at the beginning. also have u been on their site and requeasted a VIP loo card u carry with you.



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