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Q: Supra pubic catheter not draining

i am a care giver to a lady that has MS. She has just changed to a supra pubic catheter. Currently she is having terrible problems as the catheter does not appear to be draining. The catheter is still in place but the urine comes out the natural way. Basically she is immobile and constantly wet. The doctors and the hospital don't appear to be doing a great deal. Has anyone any experience with this?

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D, Community Member
1/17/10 6:42pm

The catheter may need to be irrigated with saline solution and a syringe. This needs to be done at least once every other day for a while. Eventually, (hopefully you will get a bigger catheter) and you will not have to do this anymore.

doz, Community Member
9/20/09 10:17am

Hi i also care for my father who is almost 82 and i am having the same problem although dad is a bit mobile he suffers from parkinson's he also had a stroke about 3 years ago.  No matter who i ask they all tell me the same thing, for him to drink plenty of fluid which he does about 2 lts a day i have to constenly flush him and it still won't drain properly.  No one seems to be able to give me any clues on how to get rid of the constent build up of sediment that keeps blocking his SPC.  He and i do excersies together and walking, but for some one who is 82 and also suffers from spinal damange you can only do so much.  I am desperate for him is there any medication that can break down the build up of sediment.  He gets cranberry juice, green tea, water, and fruit juices all of which have to have a thickner added to his drinks, so he does not choke.  His food intake is of hi fibre and his appitie is good.   My dad has a great deal of sprit and the will to keep on going as i am sure most elderly people do.  If there is any one out there that can give me an answer it would be greatly appreciated.  I have done every thing that all the doctors and nurses have suggested but nothing seems to stop the catherter from blocking every 2 weeks

M, Community Member
9/27/09 8:53pm


Not sure I can help but, I've had a spc since I was 5 due to a birth defect. Overall, it has been great. The only time sediment ( in my case calcification) occurs is when I have an unresolved Urinary tract infection. It is crucial to solve that and then change the catheter and bag to make sure it does not return.  Maybe the sediment you are referring to is something else but if it is grainular, whitish then I would get some antibiotics right away. good luck w/ your dad.


joll paap, Community Member
11/ 7/09 2:16pm

my husbad is in the hospital now , because of constant infection... the Uroligest told me yesterday that if this continues they can insert like a washer at the end. when the ball is blown up they pull it forward and it seals from inside....that may help . so far my husbad is i icu, and has had a time of it. the infections just keep comming back. they narrowed it down to the supra pubic area and bladder and kidneys. so he's being treated with high powered antiobodics. good luck with this info. maybe it will help. concerned for your dad. my husbad is 79. jp

Noni, Community Member
3/27/10 8:32pm

I have a foley but also had a lot of sediment, I changed 2 years ago to a silicone catheter and have not had any sediement build up or blockage since.  When it is changed it look like brand new.  My silicone catheters had a lot of sediment.

sam12, Community Member
6/24/11 7:44pm

Hi my name is sam Ive had a surpra pubic catheter for the passed 8 yrs and I have to have it changed every 5 wks because it gets blocked by then and yes I findd when its blocked I start leaking but what I found is if I have a bath twice a day that sometimes help or I have the district nurse to come out and flush it out. How often does your lady have the tube replaced. Can you tell me what type of bag does you lady have I have a bag called a belly bag and that is a night and day bag if you would like to know more dont hesitate to contact me you can always email me I hope this has help you good luck samSmile

Husband1, Community Member
1/ 9/12 12:59pm

My wife has MS and also has a spc. She has the same problem from time to time. The urologist had her on a 22 french with a 10 cc balloon. Recently we switched to home nurse visits to change the spc. The nurse suggested using the 22 french with a 5 cc balloon. She thinks it might work better saying my wife has a small bladder. Bottom line ..... I'd try different size cather's 22 cc, or 24 cc with a 5 cc or 10 cc balloon. The cather tube size is where the urine drains, the balloon size hold the cather in place in the bladder. Too big a balloon can cause pain and disrupt urine flow.   Too small a balloon will also cause leakage.

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