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Friday, March 19, 2010 steve jenkinson, Community Member, asks

Q: How long does it take for your bladder to shrink when useing a catheter

How long does it take for your bladder to shrink when useing an indwelling catheter.

I have urge incontinence and have worn diapers for years but due to skin issues of late I had a catheter fitted two weeks ago and to be honest I just love it I feel as though I have got a new lease of life.

First of all I tryed a catheter valve I hated that so after a few days I started to use a leg bag the system works for me but I am told by my uro that if I decide to have the catheter all the time then my bladder would shrink because of the lack of use. My question is how long would it take to shrink and if that were the case what difference would it make?

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Ken, Community Member
3/20/10 7:45am

I to use a catheter fot the same reason,and love it ! I leave it in 2 to 3 weeks , and then go back to diapers for a short time. Have not had any problems and don't seem to have a more freequent urge when it's out.

One thing I do use is a Belly Bag urin collector instead of a leg bag, it fits around your waist, and you don't even realize that you are wearing a catheter.

Hope this helps.                                 


Barbless1, Community Member
8/27/10 11:53pm

you should try this new valve called a Tru-Flo.  it's much better than the others that I have researched.

steve jenkinson, Community Member
10/31/11 8:52pm

For those interested in how I am getting on with my indwelling catheter, I am doing great I still have it and change it every eight weeks and still love it I have seen my uro last month he scanned my bladder and told me that all is fine apart from the fact my bladder is now the size of a wallnut. I asked him if this would make any dirfference to things and he told me that life would be difficult now with out my catheter, I told him that I did not care as I want to keep my catheter anyway and I don't get uti's. He said that was fine and that he would see me again in two years.I have got so used to being catheterised that it would be like taking part of me away if it was removed now.  

ed gowerth, Community Member
2/12/13 1:16am

was wondering just how long it took you to get the full bladder shrinkage to happen while wearing the cath 24/7 ?

steve jenkinson, Community Member
12/ 8/13 9:35pm

Hi there thanks for asking but the answer is I don't know you see when you have a catheter in you have no idea of the size of your bladder because the bladder do move it stays the same size all the time without urine blowing it up then shrinking again after passing water. so it is hard to say but I would have thought it took about six months

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