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Monday, June 02, 2008 Gladys Eyler, Community Member, asks

Q: does medicare cover incontienence products

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Jasmine Schmidt, Health Guide
6/12/08 9:43am

I wrote a sharepost about insurance, medicare, and medicaid coverage of incontinence products that you might find helpful:


Basically, there are a lot of grey areas, so I'd recommend calling your account rep and asking him or her specifically.

jim p, Community Member
8/ 5/08 9:46am

For some reason Medicare will cover external catheters and leg bags, which I use, but will not cover the McGuire urinal which I also use. Why they cover some items and not others....go figure!

Doshia Porta, Community Member
1/17/09 10:44am

My mother is 95 and lives in an assisted living facility.  SHe has suffered with incontinence for years but at this point does not even realize when she has gone to the bathroom and needs to constantly wear both depends and poise-- diapers and a seperate pad.


this is very expensive and I heard that Medicare will cover the cost of this and I need to find out how to go about getting this covered.


If they don't, she has United insurance.  I need to find a way to help supplement the extemely high cost we are forced to incurr weekly.


Would appreciate your help. 

Dorothy MacNab, Community Member
1/29/11 10:04am

I have similar night time incontinence.  Does Medicare cover the cost of bed pads and briefs?

4/22/12 8:43pm
Dan999, Community Member
4/24/09 7:50pm
Yes, if your incontinence is is the result of a medical condition diagnosed by your doctor and your supplies are prescribed by him or her. Reply
peanut, Community Member
5/19/09 1:24pm

does medicare cover incontienence products

watt, Community Member
1/ 9/10 11:18am

where do i find the answer to this question?

does medicare cover incontienence products?

phyllis, Community Member
1/29/12 3:58pm

i wish someone would pay for all these pads. I have to eat spam every day to afford pads.phyllis

BN, Community Member
2/21/10 6:26pm

My family member is in another state, she had a stroke and a neurogenic bladder as a result.  She is on Medicare with AARP as her Medigap.  She spends a fortune in incontinence products which she has to pay someone to go and purchase for her.  She lives in IL.  Do you know if pads etc. are covered by Medicare or even AARP.  She is spending so much $$$ to keep from being incapacitated by this problem.  She has to take a diuretic and it makes the problem even worse.




Joanie, Community Member
4/27/10 12:01am

Does medicare cove products used for incontinence?

Barbara Potter, Community Member
2/22/11 4:42am

Will Medicare pay for incontinance Products, such as diapers?

Hiker, Community Member
2/22/11 11:15am

To my knowledge, Medicare will not pay for disposable products.


However; they would pay for cloth diaper service as it was considered a non-disposable or durable medical  product.


Check with your local Medicare office to find out what current policy is.

Dorene Willacker, Community Member
8/ 1/11 4:22pm

I live in Wisconsin.  Does medicare cover incontinene products?

Granny, Community Member
9/28/12 1:51am

Does medicare cover

Willie Dorty, Community Member
1/24/13 5:24pm

does medicare cover incontinence products?

Willie Dorty, Community Member
1/24/13 5:24pm

does medicare cover incontinence products?

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