• yomike October 19, 2009
    October 19, 2009

    We all know it is not "normal", nor is it normal that the 15 yo didn't seek treatment prior to diapers.

  • diapperboy1979 June 22, 2013
    June 22, 2013

    i am 33 years old when i was 10 i stole some money from my parents to buy some diappers when i was 12 i got my first job at a chemist delivering diappers and other medical stuff to older people the ages i had seen through the years of who wanted what was astounding i gave up wearing diappers when i was 17 i wore them around the house and also wore them to school this is back in the 80s and the 90s i then started comming back into it when my daughter become 4 becousethe fasination into them again become more devolginge and more easier to go where i stood then rushing to the toilet i am a truck driver by trade but yet no one knows and will know that i wear diappers as i do not devolge any of this in any days i do wear them more when i have been drinking at the moment i am wearing it while i am drinking at this moment but i do enjoy even when i am not drinking that i wear one as well i go through 10 to 40 a week depending on the time and the feeling i have got moments of UNSECURENESS and also UNWILLING to do some pressure that has been throwen to the person has a way of giving a person like my self a complex the way i delt with it was to goto the chemist and buy some off the shelf and enjoy every thing that i was wearing at the time NAPPY or NO NAPPY i was more secure in life than i had ever been for many years i had felt NON SECURE in life untill as i said my daughter grew to the age of 4 then i started wearing them again but now i feel more grown up than i had ever been in life than i had ever been in life b4 i can not explain any of thiis in life but to be succure in any ways like when i was first in diappers is the most amazing thing in life that any one can succed with and with diappers i am able to produce this SUCCES in life that i was unable to do with out that and i my self would ask my son or my daughter why do they want to wear them and if it is to do with SUCURENESS then LET THEM WEAR them By Hook OR By Crook they need to wear them to understand what has been to understand what is to come some times it is more of a fasination for a year or maybe it might last a few weeks but to refuse your son to not wear them he will just find some way to get the like SHOPLIFITING (CHARGED FROM POLCIE((NOT WANTING TO HAPPEN EVER)) or to gothrough not being loved for what that person is and what that pesons body is thinking at the time and why he asked i am sorry if i come into this cattagory of things but it is needing to be said this type of behavioure is like some one giving up ciggerettes or some one who had deppression it is addictive if you tru it once you keep on trying it i love wearing my Dipper to bed and feeling wetness when i wake up this might be but it might not be i aint suure as i have said i most of the time wear a DIPPER to work an to bed and also out and about and around the house BUT LET HIM WEAR THEM it is a THING THAT HE YOUR SON NEEDS TO OVER COME TO UNDERSTAND WHAT HE NEEDS TO OVER COME THAN TO YOU FORCING HIM NOT TO DO SO

  • samuel holdcroft June 16, 2013
    samuel holdcroft
    June 16, 2013

    im 16 and still wear them im double e incotinent i wet the bed 24/hours

  • Erinmom26 May 15, 2013
    May 15, 2013

    No its not normal but my 14 year old son still has a bedwetting problem and he wears diapers around the house a lot




  • Jacob Hall April 11, 2012
    Jacob Hall
    April 11, 2012

    Yes its normal even if he dosent have a problem. I mean i wear them and i dont have a problem

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