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Q: 10 year old sons diaper

should the nurse and  i change my sons 10 years old, diaper ? It is gross and would that take upclass time. Would kids make fun of him? Who should change him at school?

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maintenenceman1, Community Member
6/10/11 2:30pm

I need more info in order to properly advice you 

mhedman, Community Member
7/ 7/08 7:50pm



If your son is cognitively and physically (other than incontinence) normal, I would think that he should be able to change his own diaper if he only wets.  If he has fecal incontinence it might be a bit more complicated.  Whether or not he uses disposable diapers would also make a difference in how frequently he changes and how much assistance he may need.


After years of dealing with this I have found that the current higher end disposable diapers (Abena X-Plus...I think small would fit a 10 year-old) worn under plastic pants are enough to discretely deal with total bladder incontinence (i.e infrequent leaks, can be worn under normal clothing, change every three to four hours).


Good luck!



stilldiapered, Community Member
9/27/08 12:55pm

Yes I think you and the nurse should change your son's diaper. I  wasn't able to change my own diapers until I was 2 years older than him. When I was in school the nurse frequently changed my diapers. When I was 6-7 occasionally my teacher would change my diaper and I was teased quite a bit for it because everyone knew I wore diapers. Having the nurse do it is a little less likely to be noticed so long as he manages to have his diaper changed during recess and at lunch. If he needs his diaper changed in the middle of class, chances are that eventually the other kids would figure it out.

dog2dog, Community Member
2/28/09 10:17am

the nurse should change him and if going swimming use swim diaper. if your son doing pe then ether he gets help from pe teacher nurse diapers him changing room. if kids make fun of him then it will help him get out of diapers fast.

nonameinputed, Community Member
6/ 3/10 4:16pm

I've been changing myself since 3 and I had fine and gross motor issues

jack567, Community Member
6/ 9/11 1:55pm

why is he still in diapers


jack567, Community Member
6/ 9/11 2:01pm

if your son was embarresed/teased he would grow out of them soon so maybe you should embarrese him

ubol, Community Member
8/10/11 1:23am

Fortunately I do not have to wear diapers to school, but my cousin (15) does. He is changed by the nurse and told me a few embarrassing episodes. I state that my cousin is really comfortable with the problem of incontinence and agree to be changed by anyone. But he died in shame, when two years ago showed up in the infirmary with a loaded diaper and found a young girl of 11 years waiting for the mother to go home. My cousin asked the nurse some privacy, but she began to prepare for the necessary change on the couch next to where the girl was. The girl's eyes widened when she saw the nurse took from a drawer a Pampers. The nurse, with little tact, said: "Do you want to move to undress?'ll Stick to the poo butt, and then I use a lot of time to wash." Red with shame, my cousin, he resigned himself to get his diaper changed before the eyes of the girl, who told him: "Do not be ashamed of me. I am used to seeing my mom change my little brother."

McQueen, Community Member
5/16/12 6:15am
The nurse will or have his friend or his girlfriend if he's has One. Reply
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