• Stacy LaRosa Stacy LaRosa
    September 14, 2008
    My 8 yr old daughter sometimes has urinary urgency during the day.
    Stacy LaRosa Stacy LaRosa
    September 14, 2008

    My daughter is 8 and does not wet to bed at night. She does however experience urgent urination. She tells me that sometimes she doesn't feel she has to go until its to late then she doesn't make it to the bathroom. This is not an everyday occurrence but when it does happen, she is now at the age where it is becoming an issue and embarassing for her. This has been an on going issue and I thought at first she was just waiting to long to go. I know it's not a UTI due to she has no pain or frequent urination and this has been ongoing since potty training. Is there any thing we can do naturally to help?

    Thank you,

    Stacy LaRosa



  • Jasmine Schmidt
    Health Guide
    September 23, 2008
    Jasmine Schmidt
    Health Guide
    September 23, 2008

    Don't rule out a UTI without getting a urinalysis. I've heard of many situations where there were no other signs of a urinary tract infection, and the incontinence had been there for many years, and yet a urinalysis found a low-grade infection that had been hanging around for quite a while.


    Once that is ruled out, it is important to continue working with your doctor for a diagnosis. Incontinene is always a symptom of something that isn't working quite right in the body. This kind of incontinence is rather rare in a child your daughter's age, and it's important to figure out what is causing it. The urgency to urinate if felt when the nerves surrounding the bladder start firing before the bladder is truly full. This indicates that there is some problem with the nervous system, such as a problem in the spinal cord, or diabetes.


    For your daughter's sake, please help her get help! Hopefully the cause will be minor, and at the end of all your searching you'll at least end up with a treatment to help keep her dry.


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