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Q: Is wearing a adult diapers the right choice for Urinary Incontinence?

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Jasmine Schmidt, Health Guide
5/19/08 8:21pm

Absorbent products (adult diapers) can help to manage incontinence, but they are not a treatment or a cure. Incontinence is never a normal function in the body (a lot of people believe the myth that incontinence is normal as they get older or after they have a baby, but in fact it is never normal). Incontinence happens when something isn't working right in the body, that's why it's so important to see a health care professional who can properly diagnosis what's happening.


After you've been diagnosed and figured out with your doctor what is causing your incontinence, you can look at a variety of different treatment options, including medication, surgery, physical therapy, exercises, and newer treatments like injections into the bladder or sphincter.


Because absorbent products can be bulky, costly, time-consuming, and - for many people - embarrassing, you may want to try treating your incontinence through one of the above-mentioned methods. In some cases, there may not be a treatment option available, you might not be eligible due to other health problems, or you might not desire to undergo treatment for personal reasons. In these situations, after you've discussed your options with your doctor, you might choose to use absorbent products in the long-run as your way of managing incontinence. You also might still have some leakage after a treatment, and you might use products to help manage that.


There is nothing wrong with wearing absorbent products to manage a medical condition like incontinence, and hopefully you won't feel shameful or embarrassed about this choice. The important thing is to be well-informed, and work closely with a medical professional who is knowledgeable about incontinence and interested in treating it.

Yojojo, Community Member
4/23/12 9:42am

Actualy incontinence is very normal. If it were not normal then why do you think that we as babies would be born without the abillity to control our bladder and bowls. The same is true of animals, they are born with no control what so ever, and when they need to go they go. As for are furry friends that we call pets we have to train them to hold it and to go outside, then we are stuck with the not so plessant task of picking up the dog poop.

 In the same way we potty train our children to hold it till they can get to a toilet. This is wrong and not natural. I feel obligated to point out that I am not the first person who has brought this up.

Simon C, Community Member
2/14/09 6:48am

I suffer from Adult Enuresis, (Bedwetting) I am in my mid 40's  and this has only begun recently. There is no medical reason for it and my GP believes it was triggered by a high level stress.It stopped last year but came back just before Christmas 2008. For me there is no treatment that can help, I have tried Detrusitol and this did nothing.


So my options were a wet bed almost every night. Not fair on my wife nor practical as I travel extensively and spend many nights in hotels.


Or the alternative or wearing protection. It took a long time for me to reach this conclusion and primarily it is a shame thing and societal stigma.That you are an inadequate adult if you lose control of your bladder. It is only acceptable in babies and the old and infirm. The other reason is the association with Adult Baby Fetish I certainly am not but always feel that people believe this when I purchase adult nappies. I find it difficult to disassociate myself from this shame particularly when I see myself in my protection(adult terry nappies and plastic pants-The only leakproof solution). My wife is very supportive and tells me that I don't look like a baby bt a man who is wearing something necessary to control a problem, just like glasses.


So in conclusion I wold say that adult diapers are the right choice but it is a menas of management of the problem. There are ways of treating lots of forms of incontinence that would negate the need to wear diapers but there are also some cases such as mine that don't. 

Andrei, Community Member
5/19/09 12:46pm

 I once had the same feelings about purchasing and wearing adult diapers.

After finding this site and reading the many posts from the professionals and other members,I no longer feel ashamed.

 It can be a little embarressing at times,but I am not too concerned about how others may think.

Compassionate, Community Member
8/16/09 5:01pm



I was nodding in total agreement as I read your post!  Stay strong, nothing about our exterior defines us as men and I am as ever grateful as yourself to have a loving and supportive wife!

kenny, Community Member
10/23/09 3:04pm

hello there,my name is Kenny and i am 38 and i just started to wet my bed at night and some days too.I find it that wearing diapers to bed helpfull to,and i do have hard times going to the store to buy my diapers.but i think wearing the diaper is alot better then a wet bed or pants


Eugene, Community Member
1/30/11 11:50am

hello there,my name is Eugene iam 47 and wear adult diapers at night and sometime at day it use to bother me to buy the diapers when i was 20 now i dont care what other say. its hard being gay and wearing diapers. but like my DR.

said who cares what you wear under your clothes. thanks i also wear alot at night,

Wowplayer691, Community Member
7/ 1/14 1:38am
I have found a solution to the post about buying a/d in public. Stores like Walmart and Walgreens do home delivery so no more embarrassment Reply
Mike, Community Member
11/17/09 10:33am

I wet the bed until I was 12 years old. Mom started diapering me just before bedtime, starting at age 10.   There was no such thing as  disposable diapers in those days. So, I was put in cloth diapers, covered by x- large toddler vinyl pants. I hated it at first, because I  felt and looked like a toddler. But, I have to  admit that it was so much better than sleeping on cold wet sheets . Therefore, I got to where I did not mind wearing diapers to sleep in. The only thing is, I was always horrified someone at school would find out,and let the cat out of the bag. That was many years ago. Now,lately I have had 2 bedwetting accidents.  My wife was understanding about it.  I am wondering if the bedwetting will return ,as I have heard it sometimes does as we get older? I don't know if I could bring myself to wear diapers again in front of my wife.

Billi, Community Member
12/11/11 3:45pm

Hi name is Bill. I also started to wet the bed and the wife was not to happy. I went to the doctor, had tests etc. The result, I have disk degenerative disease - my lower disks L-1 and L-2 are fused and L-3 is a little over half way. L-3 affects the nerve signals that make you want to go to the bathroom and pee. I also am Diabetic Type 2 which duls some of the nerve endings in the bladder.  No surgery is possible and I haven't progressed far enough into incontinence to use medicines. So I wear diapers and plastic panties at night. my wife is understanding - she even sewed me so diapers  - I like cloth - that was what was available when I was baby. If i fully peed every night I will most likely use a quality disposable with an insert like Bambino. i would have to use two maybe three cloth if I were to pee the whole night. It is generally around 3 or 4 in the morning is when I would sometimes miss the call and I pee in my bed.


Believe me your wife will accept your condition and need for protection when you are asleep. The alternative is the Yaloo River (China - Yellow River) rushing in your and wife's bed. My wife will walk by in the evening if I put my diaper on earlier than bed time and pat me on the butt affectionately. i have come to enjoy that as I still love you diaper or no diaper. During the day I have no issues with wetting myself - I've come close if I hear running water. In all I have accepted the fact I need protection - OK diapers and if it needs to be said I do enjoy wearing diaper and plastic pants at night - I sleep soundly as my wife can atest.

lately she has taken an interest in all of the plastic panties available and is select some for one of my christmas presents. She was amazed at all of the colors and prints as she gave me a devilish grin - I wonder what she has selected?


So accept - both of you - and sit down together or separately and order your diapers and plastic pants. No I don't mean to revert back to being a baby - I mean have fun and give yourself some cluckles.




PS I did remember later after wear diapers I had been put back into diapers when I just turned 7. my mother was in the hospital for several months and I was upset that another lady - a friend of my parents looked after me.

Rosemary, Community Member
3/19/10 6:08pm

I had all the problems expressed in this comment.Embarrassment,shame,ruining my wifes sleep,etc until I started wearing disposable nappies and plastic pants at night again.I too travel alot and usually take a plastic draw-sheet with me as  a back up. My wife is happy,I'm happy(no more soggy sheets) and it's a win win situation.We can stay over at friends anytime.Health professionals are worth consulting but can be of little help sometimes.As regard embarrasment when buying nappies,it is more embarrassing to wet the bed in a friends house!So buy whatever is necessary.Incidentally,I had to travel through an airport security check whilst wearing a disposable.The guard was about to give me a pat-down and I told him about my problem. He was very discreet and courteous.Sometimes the embarrassment is totally uncalled for. Congratulations airport staff.Hope this helps! 

Molly, Community Member
4/11/10 8:43pm

Check to see if you have one leg longer than the other. A short leg on one side can be the problem. the short leg is actually caused by the muscles, tendons and ligaments pulling the leg bones up into the area of the hip which causes the hip to press upward into the bladder. As you sleep, and your body relaxes, your bladder plops over the something causing the bladder to release its contents. God bless you for all these years of waiting for a reasonable explanation of a disturbing problem.  Oh, p.s., your GP was right. A high level of stress can cause a person to tighten up muscles in any part of our bodies even without us realizing we are doing this. The other unsual thing is, we can continue to do it to the same part of our own bodies time and time again.  Think back to just before each time the bed wetting cam about. What got your goat? Forgive, plan a night of diner out, hugging your wife for putting up with you, and take her to Disney. 

esco198025, Community Member
3/ 4/09 3:35pm

There are two choices when it comes to adult diapers.  My sales rep at was very helpful when explaining this to me.  Adult diapers are best used if you have Urinary problems during the day and if you are comfortable with them a night.  But if you only have an bedwetting problem at night, and you do not feel comfortable wearing adult diapers, there is an another option.  You can use bedpads.  Theses are bascally diapers you can spread out on the bed flat.  You can just lay on them at night and they will catch at of your night time incontinence

Cookey, Community Member
3/21/09 2:31pm

I broke 2 vertebrae and smashed my coccyx bone in a fall up the steps.  I knew that I had scoliosis and osteoporosis.  I was not supposed to use the steps; but I did it this 1 time.  I thought I was O. K.; but I wasn't.  At the hospital, they put in a Urine Collecter Bag (I couldn't move my legs by this time and if anyone touched me I wanted to scream).  They cemented my vertebrae back together and I was released to go to a rehabilitation hospital.  The urine collector bag was left in until I was ready to leave; and then they yanked it out.  It was not until I was at the Rehab. Center that I realized that I was not able to control my bladder.  I asked the nurse what to do and she gave my first paper underpants.  I could have had an operation to fix it once and forall.  I refuse to be operated on unless I can stay awake.  I was in my 60's when this happened and I am now 70.  It doesn't bother me; my family knows all about it, (I'm not vain anymore), and why I refused the operation.  The pants are just fine and I'm lucky to have them.  What is there to think about?  I'm going to be 71 in August, my back is bad; but it was never good.  Between my back, migraine headaches, and Chronic Crohn's Disease (under control), I feel like I'm 30.  My children and Grandchildren are always in and out of the house.  I love it and I just don't care if I wear paper underpants.

Shawn, Community Member
7/ 8/09 12:28am

hi my name is Shawn

26 year old

single man

7 24 adult baby son

7 24 adult diaper wear

7 24 adult breatfeeding


salisbury191, Community Member
7/29/09 8:14pm

wearing adult diapers are the right choice for urinary incontinence

Joey Simmons, Community Member
10/ 2/09 5:10pm

I agree, living with these problems can be difficult. I found this site with cheap adult diapers:

Hope this helps,



SGG, Community Member
10/ 5/09 12:12pm

I've recently realized I had trained to get up in the night to stop bedwetting, sacrificing a good nights sleep to stay dry.  With my husbands understanding and support (my constant getting up in the night was waking him up as well) I've returned to diapers much as I wore through my teens.


It's made me rethink things, why is being dry at night such a big deal really?  During the day I realize is a completely different problem.  Sleeping in diapers isn't that big a deal, the bulkiness doesn't matter so reusable cloth diapers and plastic pants are a very cost effective way to go.  I've found this online site, buy online saves the embarrasment.




rwc4me, Community Member
10/19/09 11:56pm

Yes I do.  I ware Adult Cloth Diapers and Adult Plastic Pants to keep my bed dry and my pants dry.

I hope I here from you about being a Adult Baby.

Thomas Dickenhseets, Community Member
1/17/12 8:44pm

My emal is:


My phone # 206-527-0558


PS, Do you have Med adult diapers?

Thomas Dickenhseets, Community Member
10/30/09 12:37am

There's nothing wrong wearing diapers. People are just embarressed wearing diapers.


Q: Are baby wearing diapers embarressed wearing them?

babybunnykins, Community Member
7/31/10 6:59am

I wear all the time, and love being in them. I feel so secure and happy.

When my mummy wife changes me like I am a baby I feel so loved and happy.

rwc4me, Community Member
1/17/12 9:45pm

I wear them all the time and people tesse me about and I say it is better wearing them or I would have my real Pants wet.

Dennis, Community Member
3/ 5/11 2:41pm

I have had to wear diapers since I was 13 years old due to a spine injury that affects the nerve to my bladder. I am 67 years old and have used cloth diapers at night and disposables when out and about. The wetting is less of a problem during the day ( 2 OR 3 accedents) at home but my wife and daughter have made me understand that because I dont know when I may wet it is best for me to say diapered. We all feel more secure with me in diapers and plastic pants 24/7. Our bed is covered with a waterproof pad. My of our friends know of my problem and think nothing of it. The only problem is packing a rubber sheet and enought diapers for trips.

maintenenceman1, Community Member
4/13/11 8:24am

It just depends on your severity & type of incontinence. I have mixed incontinence 75% urgency incontinence  W/ 25% stress incontinence. i used a variety of products Adult diapers at night reusables with rubber pants. disposable guards for men or belted undergarments during the day. I sleep on reusable underpad too Just in case the diaper or rubber pants leak 

anned, Community Member
5/16/11 3:37am

I have urgency incontinence complicated by sarcoidosis fibromyalgia. neurophathy,sleep apnea insomnia  and diabetes. i found that if i get up to go to the bathroom at night it takes 30 min to a hour to get back to sleep.


but wearing a diaper with a couple booster pads i can just go and go right back to sleep within 5 min.


During the day i found that the urgency was causing me to have to drop everything and hunt for a bathroom so offen that i just started wearing a diaper with a booster pad , Just so i would not be bothered with having to hunt for a bathroom everytime i left home.


I was a EMT for 40 years and know adults wearing diapers is a lot more common then most people think.

Just check how many stores carry adult diapers and how large of shelf space many store have.


I have no problem wearing diapers even though 99% of the time i could get by without them.




rwc4me, Community Member
1/17/12 9:46pm

Yes it is nice so you do not wet your Pants.

Paul, Community Member
10/23/12 8:54am

I wouldn't really agree since it hasg caused marital troubles for me and dating troubles in my younger years.I am 31 years old as of oct 19 and I have been in full time briefs for urinary incontinence since I was 19.I was hit by a drunk driver at that age and had nerve damage.My gives me dirty looks.we go to michigan to see her family and makes me feel out of place.I thought marriage was in sickness and health any suggestions or feedbacks are apprecited.And if u know where I can get help to purchase them since my insurance doesn't cover them anymore let me know.I don't have alot of money

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