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Q: i'm 15 and my mom makes me wear diapers on long trips

i'm 15 and my mom makes me wear diapers on long trips but if i wet myslfe she will stop the car and change me and it is embarrassing what do i do


ps she will chang me in the the back of the car




plz halpppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppppp


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diapersdylan, Community Member
2/12/11 5:55pm

i think you enjoy wearing diapers when on long trips and having your mom change your diapers in the back seat of her car or you wouldn`t wet stop conplaining and being embarressed about it just sit back relax and enjoy wearing diaper also having your mommy change your should also get your mom to diaper you 24/7 you`d really like that and so would your mommy.

Ebola1918, Community Member
4/23/09 8:56pm

If your serious about need to tell your mother or another caregiver how this makes your feel. This is unacceptable behavior from someone who supposedly cares about you and your dignity.

dlege, Community Member
5/24/09 2:03pm

u need to tell your mom it is embarrassing..there are enough stops for people to urinate..this is called chidl abuse as far as i am concerned..what is she thinking???

dustin is myrealname, Community Member
1/26/11 10:48am

can you send me some diapers because i like to wear diapers and my mom and dad wont let me wear them call me at 605 201 7451

Jenny, Community Member
11/22/09 7:09pm

I'm 16 and I also wear diapers on long trips. I change myself most of the time. Sometimes if I am tired I will have my mom change me because it is easier. Is there a reason that your mom won't let you change yourself?

bradley, Community Member
10/14/09 9:44pm

ok i 14 and i love to wear diapers but i don wet the bed should i tell my parents that i like to wear them an get some

ubol, Community Member
8/22/11 8:59pm

I do not think it is embarrassing to be changed in the backseat of the car. it is unlikely that someone sees you. Instead, it's really humbling to get to someone's house with a dirty diaper to be changed, as happened to me last Christmas.
I asked mom to change my diaper in the car, but she said: "We are almost there, we do so at his aunt's house. Is more comfortable." But once we got there, Mom forgot about me and began to help my aunt in the kitchen. I was ashamed, at age 12, to go into the kitchen to remind mom to change me, letting me hear from her grandmother, aunt and cousins ​​females. So I went to play with my cousin in her room, forgetting to have a diaper full of poop. When my uncle came to call us to go to the table, he immediately noticed the smell. He thought he was responsible for her son (3 years old and not potty trained at), but seeing him clean, he said: "I think we have a great Shitter". Checking my diaper, said: "Look what a mess! But we have to check your ass like we do with your little cousin?"
And Mom, as punishment, made ​​me stand all day wearing only shirt and diaper, even if I need it only at night and traveling.

the diaper kido, Community Member
10/29/11 7:08pm

fun. i like your story there. <3 

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