• Richard30 Richard30
    May 13, 2009
    what do I do if I wet myself in school I am 13
    Richard30 Richard30
    May 13, 2009

    I have a difficulty with controlling my bladder and its emberrising.  and I dont want to tell my mom so I have no protection during accidents.  It gives me a big urge to urinate and most of the time I dont make it and i wet.  I am too emberrased to tell my doctor because it might make me feel emberrassed.  I do wet at night onece and a while so if annyone has any thing that will make me not feel so alone.  If a docter who is a urologyst give me something to help me pleas.  My name is not your buissness



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  • Iamapieceofpantwettingcrap January 13, 2010
    January 13, 2010

    Hey... I am your age and I wet myself all of the time. I told my mom and she took me to the doc. and nothing was wrong. I just sometimes don't make it! I know what you are going through and at home I have to wear pull ups. Right at this moment I am wearing one and I am about to pee a rainstorm... At least I have protection on! I wet at school sometimes... and I just go to the nurse... so many people at my school do it. Just tell your mom and maybe she can get you some pull ups to wear at home but some incontinence pads at school! BYE!

  • DiaperGal December 30, 2009
    December 30, 2009

    If you piss yourself, go get some pampers with pink plastic panties, and if you're feeling like a big kid, get some disney princess pullups. Be sure to wear a miniskirt or short dress (preferably pink), no panties so everybody can see your pink, wet diaper. You're no longer allowed to wear guy clothes or regular underpants, you are now a diaper wetting sissy.

    PS- don't tell your mom. Follow my advice and let her find out on her own.


    This is what my parents did to me when I constantly wet myself in 9th grade. They no longer allowed me to dress like a big boy, only a baby girl. (I'm technically  a guy) I'm 27 now, and I'm in a wet diaper , some panty hoes, and a skirt. I'm typing in my barbie laptop from my crib right now.

  • maintenenceman1 May 14, 2009
    May 14, 2009

    Hold on you need to tell your parents, you need to tell your doctor, You can use Depends for men to protection, AA urologist is going to do a series of test to diagnoes what sis cuasing your bladder problems At night you might try using adult diapers or Tena's Pad & Pant system with the green colored backing onthe their overnight/ superplus pad. Agood place to order from is. WWW.HDIS.COM. Themost important thing to do is to tell your parents & your Doctor. I'm Speaking from experience

  • Jeff May 18, 2009
    May 18, 2009

    Underjams are the quietest EVER. If you're not willing to see a physician about the problem....which would be the wisest thing to do ((in your own future's interest)), then the only other thing you can do is mask the problem. The underjams are very quiet, so you can attend your classes without a fellow student finding out you're wearing something other than regular underwear/boxers. They do hold up pretty well, but I wouldn't test how much they can hold, as you're trying to REMAIN dry.


    Seriously though....I know that telling your parents is going to be embarrassing, but if you do so, they will help you, and the stress wil be OFF YOUR SHOULDERS!


    Your parents will appreciate that you had the balls to approach them about the matter, rather than keeping it to yourself. To them, this is a sign of maturity, and even though wetting yourself sounds contrary to it, ITS NOT YOUR FAULT that you have a medical problem. Please, please, do what you know is right, and approach your parents about it.



    I sure hope this helps,




  • nappeeboy May 18, 2009
    May 18, 2009

    make an appoiment to see your doctor... have a note writen out of what your symptoms are.. and what you think is the cause.. in the meantime.. wear some Tena or tranquillity pullup  or underjams.. disposible underwear.. do not be ashamed.. many people have bladder control problems.. espesially kids..your bladder muscles may be weak from an injury or growth issues.. as a teen, many changes are happenning in your body..

  • lalala12345 July 13, 2010
    July 13, 2010

    okay... u HAVE to tell ur doctor no mater what! and if u tell ur doctor then u wont have to tell ur mom cuz the doctor will do that for u. and u can wear diapers so that u wont wet urslef in public and during class cuz wetting urself in public is WAY more embarrassing than telling ur parents u have a bladder problem. trust me i have wet myself in class before! its humiliating! so i highly suggest u wear diapers to prevent that. and no one has to know u wear diapers. just try and wear longer shirts so that no one can see them. and unless ppl are like smacking ur ass no ones gonna notice.  and even if they do know. who cares! u have a medical problem. and your real friends will still be your friends even if u do wear diapers. and tons of ppl wear diapers because of choice. and if ur doing it because u have to ur not weird. dont worry. as long as u tell ur doctor, everything will work out great :) hope i helped!

  • kate January 16, 2011
    January 16, 2011

    its ok if u tell your mum it isent your falt or u could tell your docter in private.

  • kayla December 01, 2015
    December 01, 2015
    Ok first, right when you think you have to go, head towards the bathroom. Also try and go every once and a while even if you dont have to go. The same thing use to happen to me when i was 11. I never made it to the bathroom and once peed my pants during school. I sugest telling your parents and then maybe they can help you. In worst cases you can always go to the doctor. You might have to wear something that looks like a diaper. but they are not as embarresing as it sounds. The doctor might also give you a medicine type thing that will help your bladder from being so weak. I have had experiences with this 2 years ago and by just going to the bathroom every once in a while helped me stop peeing my pants. I am now 13- dont let my age think that that stuff wont accually work. Fun fact: My parents use to threaten me that they would make me wear diapers to school if i didnt stop peeing. That deffiatly made me realise that i need to do something about my peeing problem. READ MORE
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