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Monday, May 11, 2009 dylan, Community Member, asks

Q: how to make your mom let you wear diapers

i love them i need them and i want them now i am 14 years old and IM BEGGING YOU ALL TO PLEAS HELP ME OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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maintenenceman1, Community Member
5/14/09 3:34pm

I agree with yomike

diapered247, Community Member
5/12/09 2:25am

start peeing to bed at night, pee in public or around home. then explain that you feel you have lost control of your bladder. tell her that wearing diapers would help control your problem. act all devistated about the idea of wearing diapers, but slowly act as if you are beginning to accept wearing diapers. you have to make sure to wear them like I do, 24/7- 365 days a year. soiling them often will convince your parents that you cannot control your bladder and, wearing diapers is a good control method. tell them that you did not choose to lose control of your bladder, and that they need to support you. make it as convincing as you possibly can... if you are persistant you may be successful, but once you start wearing diapers, you may always have to wear them because you will eventually will lose all control over your bladder for reall and then there is no turning back. when you become an adult, you will have to asume the full responsibility of purchasing your diapers. they are expensive.... you may even along with diapers, end up using a catheter to drain your urine. this is no joke. i know alot of people who started wearing diapers, because they loved wearing them and ended up having to catheterize daily if not multiple times a day for the rest of their lives. i lost control of my bladder because I have Spina Bifida, and I have no choice to wear diapers every day. all I say is make sure you have a plan to follow if over time you lose all control of your bladder functions. godspeed Dylan. good luck bro. If I did not have to wear diapers every day, I wouldnt, but some people dont realize what it is like for people like me with a severe disability, and some people envy us for certain things like our usage of wheelchairs, diapers, catheters, leg braces, etc. If I had a choice I would not use any of these. but I do not have a choice and, since I am in a wheelchair and am paralyzed, I cant change myself and have people do it for me. you will be able to change your own diaper. make sure you think this over, it will change your life forever.

Thanks, Diapered247

diapersdylan, Community Member
5/19/09 12:30pm

Diapered 247 im sorry you are paralyzed i didnt realize that my wanting of these things could actually have somebody reach out to me and tell me that this could effect my life so dramtically?Im glad that you decided to open up and not lie to me thank you for the advice.(Much appreciated).

diapered247, Community Member
5/23/09 12:50am

No problem Dylan, I am not trying to tell you you cant wear diapers, because I am paralyzed but its not a thing that I recommend. Like said in my last reply, I have no choice but to wear them, but I understand why you did. Keep looking up dude, you can doso much more with your life. Try helping others who have problems, and make it your mission to do so. Instead of getting diapers for yourself buy, and donate to others who really need them. GOOD LUCK!!! Diapered247

Ryan, Community Member
6/ 4/09 1:19pm

i agree with 247 .  if i had a choice then any of us would gladly give you our problem . like 247 said its expensive and it will cost a lot right off the bat . try a whole new wardrobe of jeans , diapers , ointment , powder , lotion , TIME , the possibility of leaking in public ,  then if you want to get cloth diapers then it takes more money , (waiting on mine) washing , drying , folding , it will go on and on .  but thats totaly up to you but i can say this already and i been incontinent less than 4 weeks , IT AINT WORTH IT . it being all the types of troubles it will bring . ill be happy to trade you bladders .

allen54, Community Member
6/21/10 5:20pm

I have spinal cord damage at T10 .It is very expesive to be in diapers like $1300.00 a year if you can change your self without the use of an aid.

Mr Bill, Community Member
8/24/11 10:47am

Don't feel bad for having this desire, I too am much the same, but I was curious as a child and teen, then one as an adult I allowed my self to experiment, mind you if you have partner that is understanding, it won't mean they aprove or want to be around when you are diapered. I don't wear 24/7 I might if I do lose the love of my life. But, even then I would make certain exception of when to and not to wear as I do now. Yeah I am on disability for emotional issues, which the diapers kind of help with. But I only wear when I home alone while my partner is at work. He knows, I wore a diaper on first date, I was straight forward and up front about it. But, I still retain control of my body, yet there are times when I am not wearing my instinks want to let go as I have taught my self when I feel the diaper on me. I also only wet, have tried messing but it can be a hassle to clean up. If I was you wait until your an adult keeping in mind these desires, if they are stil present when your on your own, then if the desire is still and wasn't just a curiousity then do as I do. Then you can mix a normal functioning adult life and have your diapers too. Kind of like "Having your cake and eating it too" you could say. But only go down the 24/7 road if that is what life makes you live, much like Mr. 24/7 but other wise you shouldn't go to such lenghts trust me. You can ruin your life both in you profesional work and you love life, cause yeah you will find many online who share this love for diapers like you do but in real life they are hard to find, you be lucky to find someone that just understands and excepts that part of you. This the truest and best advise I could ever give you.

yomike, Community Member
5/12/09 3:40pm

Are you serious?!!! I think you are on the wrong website. Nobody "wants" or "loves" to wear diapers.

I don't get it?

wannabe, Community Member
7/19/10 1:00am

some people do love to wear diapers. i have spent my entire life wishing that i could wear them  all of the time.  i do wear them to bed everynight and as soon as work is over i immediately take off my big boy pants and put on a proper attire(diapers that is)  Unless you have always had the desire like so many do(me since i was 4 and i am 38 now) you would not understand.  I do feel for people who don't have a choice but i do have a choice and i choose to wear diapers.  All i can say is when i have them on it "feels like home" and in the future if i do lose control and really need them I will not mind because then i will have to wear them 24/7 and i will make sure people know.

Slomo76, Community Member
9/24/09 7:08pm



I know this is a lot harder than it sounds, but you just have to tell them. Don't just say I want to wear diapers, get them to sit down and talk to you in ernest. Stand your ground, don't take no for an answer, and don't let the conversation end until they understand just how much you want to wear them. I should know, I tried tricking my parents into diapering me (there smarter than that), I tried yelling at them (and just got grounded), I even told them countless times (but they didn't understand).


After so many years I was able to finally move out and starded wearing them 24/7 as well as stopped visiting them. Then one christmas we finally sat down to talk about it in depth. I couldn't give them any concrete reasons why I like them so much, like the hundreds of thousands of us, I just do. It took a while, but my parents finally realized they were loosing me because they simply couldn't accept me for who I was. Oh, and it might help to say you don't expect (or want) them to start changing you again and that you'd pay for the diapers you self. It turns out my moms biggest hurdle was that she didn't want to deal with diapers again and my dads biggest hurdle was that they couldn't afford it.


I hope this advice helps, if not I'm sure you'll find a lot more support at or


ps. Don't listen to those that don't understand, their ignorance is not a reason for you to be fusterated.

Michael, Community Member
3/14/10 10:59pm

I Know what you feel

Gal on Wheels, Community Member
4/ 2/10 10:54am

Dylan -- 24/7 has made some very good points.  I too am paralyzed and must wear diapers.  I also wear a foley catheter, but I have frequent bladder spasms that cuase me to leak or expel the catheter.  Unfortunately my aide or my parents must change my diapers for me -- I am a C-4 Quadriplegic.  I am also pregnant and that causes me to unrinate more frequently. While I can'tmove, I can feel the diaper and it gives me a feeling of security becasue leaking in public is humiliating. Give this some serious thought.  While I don't mind wearing diapers because I know I need them, it would be nice not to have to worry about it.


Gal on wheels


diapersdylan, Community Member
12/20/10 9:54pm

you could do like i did when i was 14 frist i begin wetting the bed again but that didn`t work she just put a plastic sheet on my bed.but when i wet my pants seveal times while in public.which embarrasss her so much for her  to have a kid my age do that that was when she put me back into diapers telling me i was just a big baby and aslong as i wet myself i`d have to wear diapers.that was several years ago today i`m incontinent i have to wear diapers all the time i`m still at home with my mom and she still changes my diapers.i really enjoy wear diapers and having mommy change my diapers.i`m not sure this will work for you but what you got to lose trying.maybe the full baby treatment.thats what i`m trying for now good luck.

DiaperGirl15, Community Member
1/19/11 11:27am

Aha. I know just how you felt. When I was twelve I suddenly remembered that cushioned feeling diaper's give you. I then was determined to make my mommy change me and treat me like a baby!

First off I started watching baby tv. Then I got my mommy to feed me. My mommy got into this as a routine! I call her mommy in front of all my friends - They also see my barbie room! My chest is full of dolls which i regularly play with. I then needed to get into diapers. Luckily im petite so they would still fit!

1) Tell your mommy you need the toilet. Then run to the toilet but miss. This should happen at least 5 times - make sure she notices

2) Wet the bed every night and tell her you couldnt help.

3) Finnaly you must wet your self in public! Then start to cry - be careful by this point there is no turning back.

4) Your mom should realize that diapers are the way forward - keep on soiling your diaper otherwise she will think you have grown out of it. Diapers must be worn to school - you could even have your mommy walk you home holding your hand. If your mommy trys to potty train you pee on her (by accident of course) This all worked for me and im still changed now - I am loving my life!

Hope this helps :) 

diaperalex, Community Member
12/ 6/11 9:21pm

hey diaper girl ill tell u more if u find me on facebook. plz do though im not a wierdo at all. all i want is someone to talk to bout my problem plz i beg u, for diaper sake thx. 

ollieisadiaperboy, Community Member
12/19/11 1:34pm

you seem sooooooo sexy diaper girl

schoolpantswetter, Community Member
2/13/12 9:44pm

wet your bed and hide the fact that you wet your bed then tell them that you wet for a week and a half. then after a couple of months of that start to wet yourself in public in front of your mom. tell her that you can not controle it and tell them that you can not help it then pee your pants at school and make sure that they dont have cloths that will fit you and make sure that you dont have any clean cloths then you have the principal call your mom and then tell your mom that they need to get diapers for you and then make sure that someone in your school wears diapers that will fit you then tell your principal that you want to go back to class but you did not want your pants to be wet so have them go get you some diapers so that you can work and then ask them if you can work in the office with only the diaper on

diaper helper, Community Member
3/17/12 1:24pm

drink water before you got to bed do that for quite a while and soon you will start wetting your bed and your mum will let you wear diapers.

diaper helper, Community Member
3/17/12 1:24pm

drink water before you got to bed do that for quite a while and soon you will start wetting your bed and your mum will let you wear diapers.

1, Community Member
5/25/12 10:15pm

Bro I know how you feel, but seriously consider the medical and physical stress. Thats not worth it. Try it for a week then say you gained control, otherwise you could severly risk your blatter, and others respect. My friends felt the same way and now ..... yea they regret it. If you are to do it, short time only so that it doesnt do damage. I am 14 years of age, and I tried it and trust me I almost lost my bladder to it. Dont try it for long, if you do. Ive almost been there and trust me the stress of knowing/thinking that you might have to wear them for a long time isnt a nice experience. This is my research to you, wait to long and risk it all and think it to the max extent. (also if you are a mid size teen try depends.... they work for us). Trust me you will not love it forever.

Billi, Community Member
1/10/13 1:57am

Dylan: I understand your feelings and desires. Twice in my youth I was put into diapers. The first time was when I went to the hospital to have my tonsils taken out. I was taken to the hospital after dinner to stay the night for an early surgery.
The nurse took me to my "Crib"! Stopping in my tracks I was told that children under 14 were put into cribs for safety - ie won't fall out of bed. Ordered to undress - A new experience for me infront of a young nurse I complied. Standing there in my jockey shorts she told me to remove them also. She had by this time had two cloth diapers and plastic pants in her hands. I said, "I don't wear diapers". I didn't move until my father came into our tented area and said I had to as it was hospital policy so the nurse's time isn't wasted taking children to the potty all night. Diapered I kissed my parents good night and the nurse gave me some kind of medicine. Wham I was asleep until 6:00 AM when a new nurse came it and checked my diaper - I was soaking wet. I also felt warm and secure. Changed I was wheeled into the operating room where a mask was put over my face and it was by by land again. I awoke in the late morning with another wet diaper - which was changed and I was given ice cream for my sore throat. After dinner I was allowed out of my bed and put into a play room with other kids - all wearing diapers. I met a girl who ws 8 and had been in the hospital for a month - we talked and she told me to enjoy being diapered and get on with having fun. I accepted my diaper and enjoyed them for another day when I was sent home.  The nurse rediapered me just before I went home. They also gave my mother 6 diapers just incase. After the first day home I remained dry at night and regular life returned to normal.


It wasn't until a year laterjust when I turned 7 that the emotional temporary loss of my mother who had to go to hospital for 3 months, I began wetting my bed. My dad took me to our doctor who performed some tests, then to a specialist - both said there was no physical reason - so off to a psycologist. In the end it determined that I miss my mom and to save the bed and cold nights wet I was put back into diapers at night. I awoke almost every morning "warm, wet and secure" - but my bed was dry! At first it was 9:00 pm when dad would diaper me, then 8:00 pm, then 7:00 and 9:00 pm - I was wet by bed time. Then my dad asked if I liked being diapered and I was honest and said yes - I was more comfortable in my cloth diaper than my jockey shorts. Now I was diapered when my dad came home from work and our housekeeper (a friend of the family) when home to her family). Horror - mydad had to go out of town for a week and the housekeeper whould take care of me. When I came home from school and entered the house Rubby asked if I wanted to be diapered now or later. The look on my face made her giggle. She said, "Who do you think does the laundry?" She continued, "Besides my 10 year old son wears a diaper at night and on occassion like a Saturday, he will wear diapers all day." I said yes. please diaper me now. I must admit that it was heaven for the three months that my mom was in the hospital. When she returned she understood and would diaper me after school, About a month later I was dry every night for a week and agreed it was time to put the diapers away. About two years ago, my diabetes and two disks in my back have no space between them. They are L-1 and L-2 that in park control your bladder. I am semi - encontinent - I wear a diaper every night - dry most mornings but there are times when I awake "Warm, Wet and Secure". My doctor and Chiropractor said that one day I won't know when I would have to pee - you'll just pee.  I have come to enbrasse my diapers and when that day comes it will just be using a new style of underpants that absorbs my accidents.


I don't think one becomes untrained in being potty trained. Instead one is being re-trained to use a diaper as they were designed for when you have one on. Remember we all have used a diaper from birth to about 2 or 2 1/2 years of life. If you have the desire to return to diapers it is the warm feelings of being cared for that is the modivation.


Thank you for reading.

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