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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 JimEd, Community Member, asks

Q: How do you cope with plastic pants?

I really need some advice on coping with wearing plastic pants, as it is my first summer of having to wear them and I'm really suffering with the heat and the excessive perspiration. I asked a question about alternatives to plastic pants but have not had a reply yet. If anyone could offer advice on 100% leak and odour proof alternatives I would be very grateful, I don't want diaper style products though as they are bulky and I just don't think I could cope with them. I also worry about leaks and odour, as my pads get very wet and smell disgusting due to constant leaks. The plastic pants are really restricting me, I can't go out in the sun too long or do any strenuous exercise as they just become boiling hot, soaking wet with sweat and graft to my skin. I haven't felt able to go to the gym for a while because of this and could really do with getting back to exercising. The discomfort is unbearable at times and makes me feel really sick. The sweat sometimes soaks out into my clothes from the elastics on the legs and waist and leaves wet marks when I sit on chairs. Its bad enough having constant urine leaks without this to deal with too. I'm sure lots of you out there have really struggled with incontinence pants and pads and I would welcome your advice as I'm in a real mess at the moment with these plastic pants on 24/7. Perhaps there are creams or ointments that can be used to alleviate the severe discomfort but I heard these deteriorate the plastic? Any tips and advice would be great. Thanks

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jim p, Community Member
6/30/10 7:50pm

You should try external catheters with a leg bag. No sweat with this method.

Gimwet, Community Member
6/23/10 5:02pm

Hi JimEd--


Waterproof pants don't have to be vinyl; some lightweight nylon ones (with or without polyurethane lining for additional waterproofing) are available.  Check Duraline


and Kins


for nylon or urethane-lined polyester (also lighter and breathe better).  Everybody dealing with diapers is likely to struggle with the heat; good to check out all alternatives for your comfort!



JimEd, Community Member
6/24/10 1:38pm

Hi Gimwet,


Thanks for your advice about these options, I will look into them.



James, Community Member
7/ 1/10 10:20am

Hello JimEd.  I think you might try some nylon over pants to begin with.  The nylon pants offer considerable protection and are not as hot as vinyl pants.  Also, the new Depend pants for men are good alternatives to a tape on diaper and or plastic pants. Healthdry briefs for guys can help with the problem, however, while they are wetproof in the center panel, they are not on the sides. Other than what others have recommended to you, the external catheter should be considered. Hope this helps.  You need to try all the methods of control and then opt for the one that best suits your needs.

JimEd, Community Member
7/ 1/10 4:55pm

Thanks for all the replies.


I am in the process of checking out the various options that have been suggested.


I just have a few questions...


What does it feel like to wear an external catheter? I just want to get away from having to wear plastic next to my skin and I believe these catheters are plastic sheaths, tubing and leg bag? How do they feel to wear? Do they ever come off or leak? Where do you buy them?


I will also look into the various pants that have been suggested. Although I have really suffered with the plastic pants I am worried about trying anything else in case of leaks and odour, but I can't cope with full time wear of plastic pants much longer.


What are Depend pants for men like to wear, are they waterproof? What about odour control?


Also, does anyone know what it's like to wear polyurethane pants? How do they feel next to the skin? I believe they are lighter an more comfortable?


I just don't want to wear a traditional style tape on adult diaper as I think they must be heavy and uncomfortable, and I heard they also can make a  rustling noise and are bulky, so would be easy for people to detect?? I have already had someone ask about why I have to wear plastic pants after seeing the top of them under my t-shirt a few months back. I was embarassed beyond words and never want anyone else to know I wear incontinence pants and pads. It's bad enough going through it without people knowing, so I want a product that is as discreet as possible.


Thanks to everyone who has offered advice. I will look into all your suggestions and would also be grateful if anyone could answer the questions above to help me decide what to do.

steve jenkinson, Community Member
7/13/10 5:09am

I wear tena maxi diapers with plastic pants over the top I dont have any overheating problems.


James, Community Member
7/ 2/10 10:42am

Well JimEd, I can tell you that the external catheters are not all that comfortable to wear and never use one in bed if you roll around and twist all night because that spells trouble with wearing the catheter attached to a drainage bag.  The Depend pullups for men work very well during the day and I highly recommend them.  I cannot offer advise for night time use as I've never worn them for night time.  Oh,  by the way, if you do try the Depend pullups, you really dont need waterproof pants over them.  Hope this information will help you.

Cap, Community Member
7/11/10 12:21pm

On June 24th, Craig wrote of 'The Great Diaper Dilema' and of 'Your Risk Assessment'.. I think perhaps you can take Craig's writing to heart..


You could title your concepts as.. 'The Great Plastic Over-Pants Dilema' and you can do 'Your Risk Assessment' ..


First and foremost and right up front is this simple fact: you do NOT HAVE TO WEAR PLASTIC OR ANY OVER-PANTS.. so if you choose, you simply do not wear them.. simple.. no plastic over-pants and thus no problems and no discomfort associated with wearing them..


Now this solution is guaranteed unless of course you wear and you insist on wearing cotton diapers or other cotton absorbent protection.. IF you so choose.. then obviously you must wear wetproof overpants..


"What?" I can hear you exclaim.. "I am incontinent of bladder and I must wear diapers" .. YES only if you wear cotton or other cotton absorbent products..

NO if you choose to use and to wear disposable diapers or other disposable products..


I know and I can guarantee that.. using top quality, state-of-the-art, disposable diapers you can be 'leak free' for some time with no other protection.. of course you have to do certain things..


  - First, you must buy, and you must be willing to absorb the cost of, the best products now on the market.. Abena X-Plus, Tranquility ATN, Molicare Super Plus, EuroBriefs, Wellness Briefs, Tena Overnights, and, using their boost pads, the ever available Depends.  Unfortunately, each of these options will cost you a dollar and quite a bit more per change.. and you may not be able to afford this cost..

  - Second, you must be willing to change them the instant you fear they are approaching (for me) about one-half of their capacity.. here the cost enters in.


Should you still want to deal with your plastic (nylon, rubber, etc) over-pants, which I myself choose to use.. you can do as I do.. over top of the disposable diapers I wear long cotton, above-the-knee, pants rolled up from the knee so they fit under over-pants.. I also were terrycloth briefs over the cotton knee-pants and under the wetproof overpants.. the cotton knee-pants and the terry briefs absorb leakage AND perspiration when I allow them to come up over the plastic over-pants at the waist..


Plus.. as others have written, you can choose to use a catheter, and other solutions.. it is your choice, each of us is in charge of our pain and discomfort and of finding our own solution(s).  I am not saying it is always an easy thing to deal with, it certainly is not.. IF I become saturated and drenched (which does sometimes happen) when driving, getting into a bathroom with a large handicapped stall is a challenge as well as trying to deal with wet cotton knee-pants and wet terry briefs let alone the diaper and the wet over-pants..


KNOW THIS.. you are not alone with this issue.. good luck..

Bob, Community Member
3/ 3/11 4:07pm

A couple of things that might help:


1. You can get waterproof pants tha have a band of mesh around the top to allow more ventilation.

2. Make sure the pads have good odour control capabilities and dont wear one for more than 4 hours.

3. I have just bought some Abena vests from Beaucare (make sure they send ones without sleeves or legs (just poppered under crotch) and no one will see your incontinence pants stick out of your trousers and will just think you are wearing a vest. Also good for builders bum!. I am a teacher and have had to buy them for this reason. The can also be a snug fit and keep pads heavy with liquid closer to the skin so less easily seen.

4.Dont waste money on washable pants with integral pad. I have just wasted money on these as they will certainly leak every time if you lose more than a small amount. I have also found that they smell much more quickly.

5. The only thing so far (only had problem incontinence in last few moths) that has performed reliably are Boots StayDry pants Super, but I am worried about the padding  being accidentally felt from behind (not that anyone would deliberately touch my bum you understand) and it does bunch a little passing under the buttocks, so I only wear at home and I guess you'd call them a pullup diaper.


Ironically I was thinking I'd have to wear plastic pants as I have just had a very close call this afternoon when bladder was unusually active and trousers started to get wet as urine overshot the pad area and exited pant fabric and wicked around. Fortunately I put a long coat on and was able to leave quickly. In view of your experience I dont know what to do now.




JimEd, Community Member
3/25/11 2:12am

Thanks for your helpful advice.


I tried lots of different products in a desperate attempt to find an alternative to plastic pants.


I realised that the mistake I was making was to wear the plastic pants next to my skin (with the disposable pad fixed into the crotch area with adhesive strip). This was incredibly uncomfortable because they are airtight and the sweat builds up rapidly, and I was wearing them continuously with no relief other than a few minutes per day to shower or change pads.


I now wear pull ups similar to the ones you describe and I find these excellent. I do still wear plastic pants over them for security as I worry about leaks, but it is so much more comfortable than having plastic next to your skin. Yes they are hot, but all incontinence products are hot, but nothing like the heat and excessive sweating I suffered with before. 


I have also learned to buy my trousers a size bigger to help avoid the bulkiness of the pad being visible, and although my incontinence has got worse over time and cannot be cured I am now much more comfortable and confident in dealing with it.











Bob, Community Member
3/28/11 3:52pm

Jim, I recently tried the Depends pullups designed for men and they are much better than the Boots pullups for me because the pad is much thinner towards the rear although just as good at absorbing. Consequently, under an Abena vest, there is no likelihood of them being detected, even if someone should accidentally brush against your bum. I have also found that for me they just dont leak, eventhough I never wear them with plastic pants as I think the rustle will be too obvious.

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