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Q: blood in urine male

seen my primarywhile back he saw blood in my urine so i was sent to urologist,he did a urine test & prostate. Came back to the room and said he was scheduling me for a scope of my bladder,so i asked about urine test about blood and he nodded so i asked alot he said yes and the urine sent out to check for cancer before more questions be asked he left. My wife asked about the test and we were told the camera would go into the bladderwe left still in wife called back about procedure told it would be through the penis,i was bout to cancel,but my wife and three girls said we need to know.The test will be done on the 31st of July. I'm 43 yrs.old MEXICAN-AMERICAN quit smoking 14 yrs. ago,i have chronic back pain for 17yrs. had gallbladder removed had a stent inserted bile duct wasn't draining right had that removed.I'm asking about(FLANK PAIN) i do my own research ,i've been having pain on my right side of my low back above the waist that has been there for awhile and the tip inside my penis has pain no fevers but have been having headaches and not feeling the greatest ca you help by answering these questions for I WOULD DEEPLY APPRECIATE THIS.GOD BLESS AND THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!

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Pete, Health Guide
7/27/08 9:38pm

Due to chronic UTI's I have had several cystoscopys. While they are no fun, they are not excruciating either. The doctor (or his nurse) will put a numbing gel in your urethra and let it sit for about 15 minutes. This will anesthesize (deaden) your urethra, making passage of the scope easier. Generally a flexible scope is used, which is much more tolerable. I have had both rigid and flexible. 


The test takes only a few minutes, no more than 10-15, including time for tissue samples if needed.


If you are really nervous, sometimes it can be done in the hospital with sedation. This way you won't be aware of what is happening.


If you have blood in your urine, it needs to be evaluated. Hang in there, it's really not that bad!


Here's a link for more information:


Papa, Community Member
7/30/08 6:49am

When I was 5cystoscopys3 I had blood in my urine, not traces but pure blood first came out. My PSA was 1.7 and so my doctor disregarded Prostate Cancer - most doctors believe if your PSA is less than 4.0 you can't have cancer. For 3 years this went on and even my uroligist let it pass. I had back pain also - another sign of PC. When the bleeding was enough to half fill a urine sample with blood my uroligist finally did a cystoscopy (he said I may have Bladder Cancer - he was wrong and I was right - I had voiced concerns about Prostate problems. We did a biopsy and the cancer was found - more than 3 years after obvious signs were apparent. Be your own advocate and demand answers or switch doctors. If your PSA jumps more than 0.9 in a year it is a warning sign of PC. It does not matter what the numbers are - mine never got above 3.7 and a friend was at only 2.5 and he also had cancer. You know there is a problem - seek the answer and do not let them push it aside.


keisha, Community Member
6/ 8/11 7:29pm

what does it mean when blood is found in the urin for a male

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