The First 48 Hours

In spite of the fact that nearly half of all women will experience some kind of urinary leakage in their lifetime, incontinence is a topic few people want to talk or hear about. But, if you or someone you love has just been diagnosed with incontinence, you no doubt have questions and concerns—and lots of them. It takes courage and confidence to learn how to handle the first few days, to weed out the truth from the myths, and to discover what treatments and products can help. Start here to take charge of your bladder health.

  • Understanding Urinary Incontinence
    Educate yourself about urinary incontinence. The inability to control urination is a symptom rather than a distinct disease and may be temporary or permanent. It can result from a variety of problems in the urinary tract and its cause is often hard to determine.   
  • Dealing with the Stigma of Incontinence
    For some people, dealing with the stigma of incontinence can be more overwhelming than dealing with the medical condition itself. Learn how to handle your situation. Step one for overcoming stigma is to seek treatment despite it.
  • Incontinence Drugs
    View a list of drugs commonly prescribed for incontinence with links to information about how to take them, drug interactions to avoid, and common side effects.
  • Clinical Trials
    Find out how you can benefit from participating in clinical trials and how to get enrolled.
  • Message Boards
    Make a connection, ask a question, share a concern, give advice or just chat. Our message boards connect you with a community of people who understand where you’re coming from and what you’re going through.