Food Choices Can Benefit Skin Health as We Age

Dorian Martin Health Guide
  • As I’ve aged, I’ve noticed some changes in my skin. Along with a few wrinkles, I also can tell that my skin is experiencing a little more dryness. I’m not the type of person who will opt for plastic surgery – I figure I’ve earned the face that I have – but I will look at the other factors that can influence the quality of my skin.


    And one of those ways to influence your skin’s health is food. Recently featured a slideshow of the best foods to eat to keep your skin -- which is your body’s largest organ and which covers almost 18 square feet and weighs about 7 pounds – healthy. Here are foods to add to your diet in order to make your skin look good:

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    • Carrots – notes that vitamin A in carrots helps control wrinkles. These crunchy vegetable acts as an antioxidant that stops cancer-causing free radicals helps the immune system ward off infection. (Other foods high in vitamin A include sweet potatoes, broccoli, beets and kale.)  In addition, carrots’ beta-carotene helps protect against sun damage.
    • Dairy Products – Low-fat dairy products such as yogurt, cheese and milk also provide vitamin A. A glass of 2%, 1% or fat-free milk has 10% of the daily recommendation of vitamin A. Also, dairy’s form of vitamin A can be easier for some people to digest.
    • Salmon – Omega-3 fatty acids helps prevent inflammation and maintain healthy cell membranes, which help control what enters and leaves the body’s cells. In addition these membranes retain moisture and help expel waste. Other foods that have omega-3 fatty acid are walnuts, flax seed, and vegetable or nut oils. “Be sure to look for oils labeled cold pressed, expeller compressed, or extra virgin,” recommended.
    • Whole grains – Whole-grain muffins, breads and cereals contain vitamin E, which helps protect skin from harmful ultraviolet rays and free radicals, and helps regulate other nutrients needed for healthy skin. Whole grains also provide selenium, which is a mineral that maintains healthy skin cells.
    • Brown rice – Research has shown that biotin (also known as B7 or vitamin H) helps strengthen skin, hair and nails. Other sources of biotin are green peas, lentils, soybeans and walnuts.
    • Blueberries – Blueberries have the highest antioxidant level of any fruit and are considered a “superfood”. Other good sources of antioxidants include strawberries, cranberries, blackberries, plums, and Concord grape juice.
    • Green tea – High in antioxidants, researchers have found that green tea’s polyphenols may be able to reactivate dying skin cells as well fight cancer-causing free radicals.
    • Water – Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day helps flush toxins out of the body and can help with under-eye circles.

    Fortunately, almost all of these are part of my diet. I need to drink more green tea and eat more blueberries and other fruit. But I noticed a big change to my skin when I dropped drinking diet sodas and instead drank water. These are easy changes, but they can make a big difference!

Published On: August 04, 2010