My Menopause Resolutions

Amy Hendel Health Pro
  • You may be thinking that it's simply not possible that you've entered the menopause gateway and "gone over to the other side."  You may be feeling like it's no big deal OR the worst singular possible event of your life.  You may be someone very lucky who has had almost no physical issues to contend with.  Or you may be someone whose quality of life has become somewhat miserable.  Most of us tend to fall somewhere in between.  And as my prior blog suggests, "How could this possibly be happening at holiday time?? Don't I have enough to deal with?  Why is menopause raining on my holiday parade?"  Hopefully you've embraced some of my prior suggestions so that your holiday spirit and joy has a chance of surviving the next several weeks.  More importantly, though, is how are you going to embrace the New Year, as a woman that has moved through menopause and is now entering a new phase of life?  Does it signify aging or the beginning of a new life stage?

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    New Year's Resolutions have never been as important as they are at this unique time.  You can decide to embrace this new position in life and really empower yourself, or not.  My hope is that you will forge forward with enthusiasm, and if so, here are some questions and inspirations to move you through the process.


    First, reflect: What have I accomplished to date?


    What were your greatest triumphs to date? Kids, jobs, creative works, education, volunteerism, outsmarting financial difficulties, legacies, plain hard work - list them all and relish the length and depth of the list


    What have been the best life lessons to date?


    What 5 words describe you (your strengths)?


    What 5 words, phrases describe your weaknesses?


    What do you have left to do - what has not yet been accomplished?


    Who are the people in your life that have greatly impacted who you are? Are you ready to expand that list?


    What are your most precious relationships and are they enough? Do you want new ones? Do you deserve new ones?


    What would you like next year's legacy to be?  The next decade's legacy to be?


    What major effort are you willing to delegate to new friendships? Travel? Education? A new business? A new living circumstance?A new hobby? A new lifestyle?


    What unexplored talents do you think you possess?


    What do you want to change about yourself?


    What indulgences have you never allowed yourself that you might like now?


    What is your new theme for 2010 and beyond?


    Now decide: This will be a good time in my life

    Most of my friends who have entered menopause have used the physical change to inspire somewhat dramatic life changes.  Since menopause can typically coincide with your kids (if you have some) leaving home for college and beyond, menopause can mean taking over a kid's room and making it into your office or hobby room or more travel or downsizing a home or making a career change.  No doubt that these challenging financial times may throw your desire to change a curve ball, but maybe that is precisely what you need in order to feel empowered to take charge and change.  There's no right or wrong approach to menopause.  I know that I would want it to be the beginning phase of the next chapter in my life, not just physically, but professionally, spiritually and emotionally.


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    So let these questions inspire thought; let the thoughts inspire actions.  Menopause can be the gateway to a whole new set of skills, interests, relationships and life circumstances.  So what are you waiting for?

Published On: November 14, 2009