Stop and Look At the Flowers

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    This is my favorite time of year. Cool nights, warm days, plenty of sunshine, yet change is definitely in the air. Yesterday was officially the last day of summer, though to most of us, summer ends at Labor Day.


    Time to clean out the closet and clean out the garden. But there has always been something I just can't do, and that's cut the blooms off of the last, hardy summer flowers, the ones that have been giving me visual joy day after day.


    I can't do it - these flowers are the MOST beautiful this time of year. Maybe it's the waning light. Maybe it's their attempt to stand out, to strut their stuff, to turn heads and make us take another look at their hard-earned beauty. In summer they are among so many beauties, but in the fall, they stand tall and proud. There are black-eyes susans popping up everywhere, Echinacea, and spectacular climbing autumn clematis, plus wildflowers I can't identify.

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    The reason I am so interested in these lovelies this year is that I feel among them. Well, not so lovely most of the time, but I feel that I have taken on the spring and summer of my life, the career-building and the child-raising. I've climbed the corporate ladder and also served as president of the PTO. I am SO not interested in that stuff any more. I am not dismayed that it is the autumn of my life, because I feel just like these flowers look. I've stuck it out during the hot, sweaty and harsh times of my life and boy, I'm going to stand up straight now and enjoy the warm and sunny days. May they last a very long time.


    Photo by cygnus921

Published On: September 23, 2008