Menopause Is About To Get Sexy!

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  • Can there be a woman on Earth (or at least in this Hemisphere) who hasn't seen an episode or a season of the TV show, Sex and the City? I was never a fan of the show starring Sarah Jessica Parker, but friends dragged me to the film when it came out and I have to admit, it was fun. If you haven't seen it, it chronicles how these women with incredibly silly lives start to grow up a little and begin realizing what's really important in life.


    Now, there's a sequel in the works and I've heard that the script has the ladies chatting about the next big phase of their life: you guessed it, menopause. They're going to make menopause sexy! Can you imagine the script dialogue? Sure you can, you live it every day!

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    I think it's great that women our age, going through this new "phase" of our lives, have so much media coverage and interest from Hollywood, not to mention time on every talk show. When Oprah and Suzanne Sommers spoke about bio-identical hormones on national TV last month, the media went crazy.  Doctors said one thing, women said another. And it all got covered by the press.


    I don't know about you, but the debate on hormones and bio-identical hormones confuses me, as does much of the conversation about menopause and suggested treatments. But I'm happy that it is taking place out in the open, and that we get to participate in the debate that affects the quality of our lives. When we were growing up, the word "menopause" was said in a whisper. It certainly wasn't covered on the nightly news, or in The New York Times, and we didn't have the Internet and so many sources of information. There's no stigma attached to menopause these days. There are SO many of us going through it, we've become our own major market.


    I am amused that a big-time Hollywood film company would even entertain the idea of the sex symbols from Sex and the City actually maturing and dealing with the trials and tribulations of what the rest of us go through. Hooray for Hollywood, finally.


Published On: February 23, 2009