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mamiemummy, Community Member



Hi ...I am 66 and have been on and off HRT for some years. Originally I was put on it at 39 after a bilateral ovarian Cystectomy when one and a bit of my ovaries were removed. I was monitored over the years and my type and dosage changed with my advancing years. I was advised to come off it on several occasions (and did so) only to find myself... Read moreChevron

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diannanoble10, Community Member


my period

hey there im dianna i just turned 39 in july.. i havent had a period since december last year.. i thought i was done. they told me i was going through early menopause.. then all of a sudden bam my period comes back... what i wana kow is im exsessively heavy and i wanna know why is that.. im on day 3 and all 3 days have been a mess for me why am... Read moreChevron

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clarkalexa78, Community Member


Advertisement s

I had to x out of advertisement adds each time I advanced to the next screen on your web sight. That's excessive!

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Jujub, Community Member


My period started again after year and a half later today. Why?

I am 56 years old and my last period was a year and a half ago.  My breasts where very sore over the weekend and went to the bathroom today and bam, I wiped and found blood, more than just spotting.  I waited to see if the bleeding stopped, but didn't so put on a tapon.  I am also very bloaty today.  After reading what other women went... Read moreChevron

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