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Q: I'm 46. Huge clots, heavy bleeding for almost a month. Crying, no energy. Should I be concerned o

I'm 46.  For the last year have had period about every two to three months a part.  This period started after three months of not having one.  I've been on it almost a month now.  First week usual.  Second week was awful!  Huge clots, using two pads at a time. Up all night, in bathroom. During the day I"m in the bathroom half the day.  I'm starting my fourth week, it has slowed down as far as the clots but heavy bleeding still.  Crying all the time, absolutely no energy, and feel horrible yet, I have no leg hurting, no backache, nor any cramps. I have no health insurance therefore cannot afford to go to the doctor. Should I be concerned or is this normal?

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Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
7/13/09 5:35pm

It sounds like you are having the heavy bleeding that many women experience in menopause.  It often comes after a time of having no bleeding at all when the lining of your uterus can get very thick so there is a lot to shed.  This problem can usually be managed with taking progesterone (Prometrium).  It also would probably stop your crying which is usually related to low levels of progesterone, as is sleep disturbance.  Do you have a community clinic you could go to?  They usually have a sliding scale fee payment.  The risk is that you will bleed so much you will become anemic.  If you are experiencing lightheadedness, you may already getting there.  My best advice is to try to find a way to be seen for this bleeding...the longer you wait, the more possibility there is of problems developing which just means more tests, more cost, etc.  Go now and get it under control.

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Susan, Community Member
8/19/09 9:47am

I'm 44 and I'm having somewhat of a similar situation.  I went 2 months without having my period, then this month I passed 2 HUGE blood clots.   Then I stopped bleeding altogether.  I'm having trouble sleeping, but am not light headed as yet.  But I'm also borderline anemic (not related to this).  I'm having no pain at all, nor cramping.  I was also wondering if this could perhaps be peri-menapause?  Has anyone experienced anything like this?  I have an appointment with my OBGYN, but its not for a couple weeks.  Any advise or comments welcome.

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