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Wednesday, December 09, 2009 hurryjet, Community Member, asks

Q: sudden onset period after 9 months of menopause

Starting when I was 47, I stopped menstruating completely (not even a tiny bit of spotting) for 9 months. I was sure that I had hit menopause.  But two days ago I started menstruating "full speed ahead" (I've always had very heavy periods). This is disappointing, puzzling and somewhat alarming.  I took augmentin for an ear infection several weeks ago, which made me very sick and caused me to develop a yeast infection. I have also been under a lot of stress lately. But except for those two things, nothing else has changed in my life. Should I be worried? Is this common? Do you know what could be causing this?  Is there any hope that I will return to my happy menopausal state?

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Dorian Martin, Health Guide
12/10/09 12:27pm

Hi, Hurryjet,


I am new to this site as an expert and am in a learning curve. However, based on an informal focus group of a variety of friends who are in various stages of menopause, some have described having gone through what you experienced. I also checked in Dr. Christiane Northrup's book "Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom". Dr. Northrup noted that stress can cause an unscheduled period. If you're worried about this situation, I'd encourage you to talk to your doctor.


Take care and stay in touch!


hurryjet, Community Member
12/10/09 1:53pm



Thanks for getting back to me!  It makes me feel better to know that my situation is not unheard of.  I will get a check up, though.  I wonder if this means I've returned to menstruating.  I have my fingers crossed that it doesn't!!!!  I was delighted to have hit menopause.  Thanks again!  Leslie

Debbie, Community Member
3/19/11 9:00pm

I had the exact same thig happen to me today.. after not having a period for almost 10 months.. I too thought I was finally in menopause..Then I go to the bathromm only to discover I got a period.. it's just spotting though... this is the second time this has happened.. last year the same thing happened.. nine months with nothing and then a period..had internal and external pelvic exam and all was ok.. my Dr. said that it means I am going into menopause soon... I can't handle this...


Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
12/21/09 12:59pm

Hi Hurryjet,

Even though you had not bled for 9 months, it's not abnormal or unusual that you might have periods again.  This situation could have been triggered by your recent health issues...any significant stresses on your body can bring on or stop your typical menstrual cycle.  Usually when this occurs with my patients, I find that they may have a few more periods at most but will return to their happily-period-free state pretty quickly. 

Good health to you!


hurryjet, Community Member
12/21/09 1:09pm



Thanks so much for your reply!  I really appreciate it.  That's really good to know.  I'll hope that my course follows that of many of your patients. 


Thanks again!



Sad story, Community Member
11/26/13 4:24pm

Ladies, I was counting the days to my twelve months! I began perimenopause at age 48. Just turned 49 in september! Thought this was a done deal. Bragged about a party at New Years which would coincide with my last 2 day period!! Well, all year (10 1/2 months) I still got at least one painful bump on my face. Thinking the whole and joking about my dried up eggs. November is my mammogram month and I told them my breast were tender. WEIRD? Then BAMM WHAT? is going on? WHY WHY WHY do I have my period? It hurts so much. I do not want to get out of bed. Now its cold and I need a warm blankie and some choicolate! DANG IT! This is a curse! I have maintained my "two tampons im my possession" jokes...determined to buy no more of them! Happy Thanksgiving to me! I am a hormonal wreck! ANGER? Frustration? This is not fair! I jsut FEEL SO ALONE< I think that I will just cry while I eat a tub of frosting with a spoon sititng on my bed......dang. I am whining bc these cramps aren't really that bad, I just do not want this now or ever! Grrrr!! 

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