• kendrick morris kendrick morris
    November 16, 2011
    How Long Does Testosterone Stay In Your Body?
    kendrick morris kendrick morris
    November 16, 2011
    how long does tesosterone cream stay in your body after stopping it READ MORE


  • Sandy Greenquist
    Health Guide
    December 04, 2011
    Sandy Greenquist
    Health Guide
    November 16, 2011

    Hi Kendrick,  Testosterone is a normal hormone in women's reproductive systems and it starts declining in menopause.  Many providers, myself included, prescribe testosterone, esp. for decreased libido.  Research has shown cream to be the most effective form.  Since the hormone is fat-soluble it can build up in your tissues, esp if you use it for a long period of time.  In this case, it can take months for your body to clear it.  The best way to test if it's in your system in excess is to do a saliva test.

    Thanks for writing,

    Sandy Greenquist, CNM

    Menopause Clinician

  • Dorian Martin
    Health Guide
    November 23, 2011
    Dorian Martin
    Health Guide
    November 16, 2011

    Hi, Kendrick,


    I went online to find out and don't necessarily have a good answer. Most of the key sites indicate that testosterone therapy for women is not generally recommended, although doctors will prescribe it based on individual cases. These sites generally indicate that the length of time for the testosterone to take effect varies based on the type of testosterone being taken. I'd guess that the length of time it stays in the body also would depend on the type, but I'd suggest talking to your physician or pharmacist about what you're specifically taking.


    Take care and keep us posted!




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