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Sunday, February 20, 2011 Helen Parra, Community Member, asks

Q: Hello-I'm 53 years old and I stopped my period 3 years ago-this month I started having a period again? Is this common? Should I be concerned?

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Dorian Martin, Health Guide
2/25/11 12:33pm

Hi, Helen,


I'm not a medical doctor, so I'm not going to suggest what may be going on in your situation. But I would recommend that you call or get an appointment with your doctor to find out what may be behind this.


Take care and keep us posted!



NC, Community Member
2/25/11 1:38pm

Hi Helen,


I am also in the 50s. I would think when it is bleeding, it is safer to check with the doctor to see what is going on. Maybe something is wrong since you didn't have it for 3 months. Or maybe the stopping for 3 months had something wrong there... Either way, please  see you OB/GYN to see what is going on.


Take care,


NC, Community Member
2/25/11 1:38pm

Sorry it is 3 years, so check it out to make sure the bleeding is OK.



Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
2/27/13 11:05am
Hello Helen, It is not uncommon for a woman in this age range to stop bleeding and then pick up again later. I have had many patients over the years with whom this happened. This occurs because of the lowering levels of your estrogen and progesterone hormones. You still have enough estrogen to slowly build up a lining over time and then, when it is thick enough, you will begin to shed it. However, bleeding after 3 years does need to be evaluated by your doctor to insure that nothing abnormal is occurring. Most likely, they will do a vaginal ultrasound and look at/measure the lining and possibly a biopsy. Good luck with this, Helen, and keep in touch, Sandy Greenquist, CNM Menopause Clinician Reply
Lori, Community Member
5/14/13 11:40am

Hi Helen,

I have also gone without a period for a little over a year.  This past month while at work I felt a very sharp pain in my lower right ab - went to bathroom and saw spotting - called doctor to see later in day, however spot turned into a full blown period of 3 days - did go to doctor, had pelvic, pap, and transvaginal, said everything looked ok - did mention that sometimes endometrial lining can be thick and that's what they look at - suggested possibly a biopsy - we decided to wait to see what happened the next month -sure enough, 23 days later, sharp pain in opp. lower ab, and period.  It has continued now for 5 days - heavy the first 3 and occasional spotting - I'm set up to have biopsy today - I have been concerned as well - this time around I feel more cramping, squeezing just above the pelvic area and more sharp pains, but this time nausea on and off - of course I pray it is nothing serious, I'll be turning 50 this year.  It is comforting though to see these other posts - sometime I feel like I'm running to the doctor for everything -

zoes mom, Community Member
4/ 8/14 7:15pm


i just found this forum.

iam 48 yrs old.

i have stopped my periods for over 2 years now but i still had weight gain some monthly & very hungry! especially past month! then yesterday i pee:d & wiped & oh no, blood! my breasts have been so tender past 3 weeks! iam wearing a pad but its a light stain on it, nothing major! headache like period headache too.

i read when the period stops for over a year & comes back that it may be serious signs of cancer of cervix, bladder etc:( so scared! what did u find out?

zoes mom, Community Member
4/ 9/14 5:06pm

hi what have you found out? i havent had a period for 2 years & then it came back when i wipe! very light! please tell me what everything showed at doctor, i dont have nor can afford insurance for big tests.

thanks!!!! iam 48.

zoes mom, Community Member
4/11/14 7:08pm

I went to my gynocologist thursday 4/10/2014....he is testing my thyroid but thinks its not all that unusual for a woman to stop a period for a few years & start back:(

he said that cortisone shots, fat burners & diet pills can also start a period up again! many things have estrogen in them! just wanted you ladies to know.

iam on a pill progestrin pill 3 times a day to stop my bleeding as iam flooding when i sit on the comode! it has slowed some since ive taken 4 pills so far:)

doc wants me to write every change down while iam on med & see him in a week.

if the bleeding doesnt stop then he will have to go into my cervix & look closely..

i pray he doesnt have to do that!!!

iam 48 years old & had no period for 2 years until now.

DONT TAKE FAT BURNERS !!!! If u want to lose 1,200 calories per day, walk & change the way you eat & portions!!!!

zoes mom, Community Member
4/ 9/14 5:07pm

Hi ,

iam from NC and i love NC! IAM HAPPILY MARRIED since 1982!

we have a beautiful daughter & 2 grands!

iam a young nana!

i love to walk & love to read! 

i like old tv shows.

i love dogs!! we have 2 fur kids:)

iam here on this website to learn more about menopause etc.

when i was 42 i started peri/pre-menopause...(i think) lol

hot flashes etc..i didnt gain weight but actually cut calories to 1,200 a day & lost 25 pounds:)

i have went 2 full years with no period! then 3 days ago i spotted !

breasts were tender & i get so hungry & gained 6 pounds past 3 weeks!

its frustrating.

idk if this is normal but reading on line scared me into thinking it might be cancer! but i hope its a weird part of menopause!

looking forward to learning & sharing with other women.

my mom died in 2003 from alzheimers & i have no older ladies to really get advice from:(

okay thats all for now! be blessed !

Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
5/22/13 3:43pm

hi Helen,

It is not an unusual thing to happen because your hormones decline slowly and you can be very gradually building a lining in your uterus that will eventually be thick enough to have spotting to bleeding.  Despite this fact, because it is outside the norm and could be an indication of a problem, I would encourage you to see a gynecologist for an evaluation.  S/he will probably order a vaginal ultrasound and do a biopsy to determine that the tissues are normal and there is not an abnormality causing bleeding.

Good luck to you and keep in touch!

Sandy Greenquist, CNM

Menopause Center of MN

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