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Monday, September 06, 2010 herglossiness, Community Member, asks

Q: Hi, 11 years ago at the age of 43 my periods completely stopped, I made an appt with a Dr. who ran 3 FSH tests & all came back that I was post menopausal. Had no hot flashes, night sweats, felt fine!

Worked out 5 days a week & my job was an actve one, I walked an average of 1.5-2 miles just at work. Then about 4 years ago I realized I was feeling tired & it's been getting steadily worse. I began having panic attacks, my skin & hair has gotten dry & my hair has been falling out along with my eyelashes. I've put on weight & the fatigue is terrible. I've seen 2 Drs who've said I'm fine. The last appt a nurse told me to get my thyroid checked so I saw an endo, he told me my thyroid is fine but I'm deficient in vitamin D! Could that really be the cause of it all? Thanks!
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Dorian Martin, Health Guide
9/ 9/10 1:16pm

Hi, Herglossiness,


Dry skin and dry/thinning hair are often part of menopause. However, I found  information from the AGS Foundation for Health in Aging that seems to imply that vitamin D can help with dry skin.

I also found a study that indicated that linked low Vitamin D levels to lower physical performance in people over 60. So I think it's worth trying adding Vitamin D  through diet and sun exposure to help with your tired feeling as well as your dry skin.


I'm not sure what might be causing your panic attacks so you may want to talk to your doctor about how to find out what the root cause is.


Take care and keep us posted!





Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
9/26/10 4:46pm

Hi herglossiness,

You don't mention if you are on or have been on hormone therapy.  If not,  the issue could be that your hormone production has dropped to such a level that it is having these significant effects on your body...yes, including the panic attacks and loss of hair.  Low Vitamin D can certainly be implicated, but the other major system I would check out are your adrenal glands.  This is best done through saliva testing tho many docs still use blood which is fine but be sure they test you 4 times over the day.  Many only do the morning and I have several patients where that was the only normal value for the day.  Thus, they were told they were perfectly normal!  Also, with your thyroid, were your T3 and T4 also checked or just the TSH?  If it was only the one, that is an incomplete evaluation of your thyroid and can't really tell you it's functioning normally.

I would recommend you find a provider who knows menopause and hormone therapy for starters...then follow up on the thyroid and adrenals as appropriate.

Good luck to you.

Sandy Greenquist, CNM

Menopause Clinician

herglossiness, Community Member
9/27/10 2:27am

Hi Sandy,

Thanks for your response it's very helpful! At my initial visit with the Dr. I had a feeling we weren't going to be compatible. He asked what Dr. had referred me & I replied I was advised by a nurse and he kind of rolled his eyes. I told him I'm post menopausal not on any HRT & gave him copies of lab results that I had. He then asked why I'd never had children. The tests he had run were for FSH, Prolactin, IGF-1 Electrochemilumunescence, Thyroid Peroxidase antibody, Free T4, TSH unltrasensitive & Vitamin D25. Also had an ultrasound of my thyroid which he said showed a 6 mm nodule on the right side but he doesn't become concerned till it's a 10.  He then said I'm vitamin D deficient that I can buy it over the counter & left the room. I have an appt. in November with another Dr who, I hope, is more helpful.




Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
9/27/10 2:50pm

Smart move, Amy!


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