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Hi herglossiness, You don't mention if you are on or have been on hormone therapy.  If not,  the issue could be that your hormone production has dropped to such a level that it is having these significant effects on your body...yes, including the panic attacks and loss of hair.  Low Vitamin D can certainly be implicated, but the other major system I would check out are your adrenal glands.  This is best done through saliva testing tho many docs still use blood which is fine but be sure they test you 4 times over the day.  Many only do the morning and I have several patients where that was the only normal value for the day.  Thus, they were told they were perfectly normal!  Also, with your thyroid, were your T3 and T4 also checked or just the TSH?  If it was only the one, that is an incomplete evaluation of your thyroid and can't really tell you it's functioning normally. I would recommend you find a provider who knows menopause and hormone therapy for starters...then follow up on the thyroid and adrenals as appropriate. Good luck to you. Sandy Greenquist, CNM Menopause Clinician