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Wednesday, February 11, 2009 Amy Bessey, Community Member, asks

Q: Why has my period stopped, started again, and then stopped?

I'm 13 and my period has stopped, why? I did lose some weight before (a year ago) and my period stopped for about 7 months. The doctor thought it was an eating disorder. But, then it came back for 4 months, and has now stopped again, but i am at a very healthy weight. So, Why?

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Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
2/18/09 6:15pm

Hi Amy,

It is not unusual for a young woman to have very on-again, off-again periods in the beginning.  The weight loss could definitely have influenced it, but you may have stopped anyway just because of all the fluctuating that your hormones do in the beginning of your menses.  It's not anything to be alarmed about.  You'll probably start to get more regular in the next year or 2.  Some girls never even start periods til 16 or 17.  There's no medical reason that you need to have regular periods at your young age.

Thanks for writing,


Katch, Community Member
9/29/09 2:21pm

I'm 15 and up until now, my periods have always been pretty regular (coming about the same time each month and lasting the same length of time) and I'm having that very same thing now. About six months ago it felt itchy 'down there' after I got rid of a urinary infection, but I didn't think anything of it, nor of the extra discharge that I sometiimes got.

This period I just got, started really light - wich is unusual - and has been stopping and starting for the last 4 days, the heaviest flow only lasting 4-5 hours or less, which is unusual for me. Have also had cramps which I only tend to get at the end of a period and have had a little discomfort in the womb area (I think!).

Should I worry about this or just leave it to get on with it's stuff and see what happens next month?

Katch, Community Member
9/29/09 2:28pm

Oh, I also started with brown spotting, which turned into red when I wiped, but has been quite a 'brown' period... Looks dirty on the pads; is this normal?

girl16, Community Member
10/ 6/09 9:05am

the same thing happened too me. When my period first started it lasted for about a week, and was very irregular. but it still came roughly around the same time each month. It was coming for about 3 months and then it just stopped for 4 months. right before it stopped my right breast became very sore and itchy. but the pain and itch in my breast only lasted for about 3 days. then after a few months my period came back. and lasted for about 2 months.


Now i have that same pain and itch in my right breast, and my period stopped again. I am a week late now. my thighs kind of hurt some times and my lower body feels full. could i possibly have a cyst or something? 


I got my period in february of this year, i am 15.


there is no way i'm pregnant. also my right breast recently developed a small brown spot. my mom has the same spots on her breasts. should i see a doctor?

TheRealToxicParis, Community Member
9/27/11 1:24am

Hey im 14 and i haven't had my Period in about 3 mounthes and i dont understaind  why and what is causing this my doctor diden't even notice this and just blew it off so if my doctor isent worried should i not be eather??? 

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