January 14, 2009
    Hot flashes, weight gain post-hysterectomy?
    January 14, 2009


    I am 54 years old.  I had a complete hysterectomy in 2006.  I am having severe hot flashes during the night, can't sleep well, experience dryness, have fatigue, experience mood swings, and have no sexual desire.  I had a dueodenal switch in March 1999 and I lost almost 200 lbs.  After having the hysterectomy, I have gained 31 lbs, and I am scared all my weight is going to slowly creep back up.  I do exercise by walking 2-3 miles every other day. I have been a 911 dispatcher for 22 years and also manage 48 apartments, so I am very active, not to mention stressed, and I just do not have the energy I had before my hysterectomy.  As far as intercourse, I could care less and I hate that.  It is realy taking a toll on my relationship.  My doctor gave me the hormone gel that didn't work.  Then she gave me a 1 mg pill (I want to say Provera--it was a small blue pill).  I called her back Monday to advise her it wasn't working, so she called in a slightly higher dosage.  Can you please tell me anything I can do?  Before my hysterectomy, I had the pellet and I know it's not FDA approved but it worked.  I had one after the hysterectomy and it didn't do anything for me.  I just want to feel better.




  • colleenw June 01, 2011
    June 01, 2011

    Anita -

     I've been where you are! I have a solution for you too.
    I'm 51 & have read alot about Amberen & other women wanting to know about Amberen. My experience was so positive and changed my menopause so completely that I also wanted to help out other women. At 51 I just created a new website on my experiences with menopause & Amberen. At my age I was impressed that I actually got a website up and going!  Do a seach on "Put the Pause in Menopause" & read about my experiences.  I won't go into everything that I've already written but I guarantee you that you will identify with my symptoms. Please check it out and yes, Amberen, for me has been a life changer!

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