January 14, 2009
    Hot flashes, weight gain post-hysterectomy?
    January 14, 2009


    I am 54 years old.  I had a complete hysterectomy in 2006.  I am having severe hot flashes during the night, can't sleep well, experience dryness, have fatigue, experience mood swings, and have no sexual desire.  I had a dueodenal switch in March 1999 and I lost almost 200 lbs.  After having the hysterectomy, I have gained 31 lbs, and I am scared all my weight is going to slowly creep back up.  I do exercise by walking 2-3 miles every other day. I have been a 911 dispatcher for 22 years and also manage 48 apartments, so I am very active, not to mention stressed, and I just do not have the energy I had before my hysterectomy.  As far as intercourse, I could care less and I hate that.  It is realy taking a toll on my relationship.  My doctor gave me the hormone gel that didn't work.  Then she gave me a 1 mg pill (I want to say Provera--it was a small blue pill).  I called her back Monday to advise her it wasn't working, so she called in a slightly higher dosage.  Can you please tell me anything I can do?  Before my hysterectomy, I had the pellet and I know it's not FDA approved but it worked.  I had one after the hysterectomy and it didn't do anything for me.  I just want to feel better.



  • Sandy Greenquist
    Health Pro
    January 14, 2009
    Sandy Greenquist
    Health Pro
    January 14, 2009

    Hi Anita,  You are definitely suffering significant consequences of postmenopause.  Even before the hyst, losing 200 pounds (congratulations. that's phenomenal) would have taken a lot of estrogen out of your body since body fat is where estrogen is stored.  If you have not yet read my posting on bioidentical hormone therapy and "Where Did My Waist Go?", please do.  Then, you need to find yourself a provider who specializes in hormones who will work with you to get your hormones-all 3, estradiol, progesterone and testosterone- into balance.  One good way to find such a provider is look up pharmacies that compound in the Yellow Pages.  They can usually give you names of providers who use the more natural hormones...and those are the providers who usually know the most about managing menopause.  Best of luck to you, Sandy

    Here are some links that might be helpful:

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  • colleenw June 01, 2011
    June 01, 2011

    Anita -

     I've been where you are! I have a solution for you too.
    I'm 51 & have read alot about Amberen & other women wanting to know about Amberen. My experience was so positive and changed my menopause so completely that I also wanted to help out other women. At 51 I just created a new website on my experiences with menopause & Amberen. At my age I was impressed that I actually got a website up and going!  Do a seach on "Put the Pause in Menopause" & read about my experiences.  I won't go into everything that I've already written but I guarantee you that you will identify with my symptoms. Please check it out and yes, Amberen, for me has been a life changer!

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