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Saturday, August 22, 2009 Susan, Community Member, asks

Q: I'm 44 and have missed my period for 2 months.

I'm 44 and have missed my period for 2 months.  I've also been spotting and two days ago passed several large clots, then stopped bleeding.  I have an appointment with my OBGYN in 3 weeks.  I'm wondering if I should consider this important enough to try and get into her office earlier.  I'm in no pain or discomfort, no pelvic pain at all.  The only thing that is sometimes noticeable is I sometimes feel a bit of pressure on my bladder.  Nothing painful or discomforting, just noticeable.  Any advice on what this could be?  Or if I should go to the OBGYN sooner?  Could this be perimenopause?

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Sandy Greenquist, Health Pro
8/27/09 5:16pm

It could definitely be perimenopause, Susan.  You can be very irregular for several years before you have your last period.  The periods during that time can be quite can skip for months, then have regular periods for awhile.  The clots are also common.  You only need to be concerned with them if you continue to bleed heavily after they pass.  I think you're fine waiting 3 wks to see your provider.  The pressure on your bladder could be a lot of things.  One that is common as we get older is that the bladder support is not as good and the bladder "drops" down some which can feel like pressure.  Estrogen and Kegels can help if this is the case and is not too severe.

Good luck to you,


Susan, Community Member
8/27/09 5:22pm

Thank you so much, Sandy!  Unless something happens to make me think its vital I go see my OBGYN right away, I'll wait for my scheduled appointment.  I've read so many of your responses to women at wits end with what's going on within their own bodies and I'm sure I can speak for everyone in saying your advice and medical knowledge on this matter are truly, truly appreciated! 





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