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Amy Hendel

Amy Hendel, Health Pro


Managing Hot Flashes

It's one of those dreaded symptoms of mid-life change for women - hot flashes.  Often accompanied by flushed skin and sweats, it is a hallmark of menopause for many women.  But how many hot flashes you have in a day, how intense they are and how long they persist is somewhat unpredictable.  Experts do say that your experience with... Read moreChevron

Cynthia Haines, MD

Cynthia Haines, MD, Community Member


Study Prompts Consideration of Stroke Risk in Postmenopausal Antidepressant Users

A recent study that points to a possible link between the use of antidepressants and a higher risk of stroke and death in postmenopausal women illustrates the importance of reading beyond the headlines when it comes to medical news.


The study, published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, followed more than 130,000... Read moreChevron

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mamamayes, Community Member

Having complete hysterecomy on 22nd, I am only 30!

mood swings

I am going through surgically induced menopause i am 30 yrs old with 4 children and i am having some terrible mood swings.  I feel like everyone around me chould be able to read my mind and i absolutley hate repeating myself.  I take .5 estrodial and doc changed it to 1 mg and i felt even bitchier when i took that HELP!!!!


schelshunybea, Community Member

48 yr. old, getting ready for menopause.

Being at this point in life is rough.

Frownscared  and do not know why?  I just hope that menopause will be less painful than my periods have become.

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RuthAnn, Community Member


If I have an ovary removed will I go through menopause earlier?

I had one of my ovaries removed when I was 23.  I am now 36 and seem to be having signs of menopause.  Hot flashes, no period or if I do have one it may be after not having one for 5-6 months and then will be more like spotting. (I have also had my tubes tied so I am definately not pregnant).  I also went through the LUPRON... Read moreChevron

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