Monday, November 24, 2014

Teri Robert's Posts

Ice Pick Headaches - The Basics - Updated

It's not unusual for someone who has migraines to have more than one type of migraine or another entirely different headache disorder. Up to 40% of... Read moreChevron

The Sea and Sky - Thankful Despite Migraine

Despite my migraines, I find the colors of the ocean and sky mesmerizing, and am grateful for them. In case you missed the first posts, we're recognizing... Read moreChevron

HealthCentral Staff, Colleagues, and More - Thankful Despite Migraine

In case you missed the first post, we're observing this time of year with a series of "Thankful Despite Migraine" posts. If you did miss the first post, you... Read moreChevron

Out of My Head Migraine Documentary - Continuing the Momentum

Last week, we posted a ... Read moreChevron

The Online Migraine Community - Thankful Despite Migraine

It's that time of year when all of us, regardless of having migraines or headaches tend to think about gratitude and giving thanks. From now until the end... Read moreChevron