Monday, November 30, 2015

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Thankful Despite Migraine - Rosa Sundquist

Migraine Patient Rosa SundquistLiving with migraine, especially chronic migraine, can be very isolating. Not everyone understands or even wants to understand. That's... Read moreChevron

A Migraine Management Story

The best situation for good migraine management is one in which we and our doctor work as true treatment partners, in an atmosphere of mutual respect. In this situation, rather than our doctor... Read moreChevron

Thankful Despite Migraine - The Spring TMS and the eNeura Team

Spring TMS Migraine DeviceYesterday, I was able to abort - completely stop - a migraine by using the Read moreChevron

Thankful Despite Migraine - The American Headache Society

American Headache Society Scottsdale 2015As you read this, I'm in Scottsdale, Arizona, learning about migraine and other headache disorders, thanks to the Read moreChevron

Botox May Help Chronic Migraine Patients With Depression

Botox for MigraineWhen we have both chronic migraine and Read moreChevron