Sunday, February 14, 2016

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Migraine Term of the Day - Epidemiology

migraine glossaryEpidemiology is a term that is frequently used when talking about migraine research and is an important word for migraineurs to... Read moreChevron

Choosing Migraine Friendly Valentine's Day Gifts

As Valentine's Day approaches, you may find yourself shopping for gifts for people with migraine disease. While it's the thought that counts, nobody wants to give... Read moreChevron

Migraine Term of the Day - Cutaneous

migraine glossaryCutaneous, and it's various forms, are terms sometimes used when talking about migraine treatment and symptoms and is an important word for... Read moreChevron

Those Frustrating Migraine Symptoms - Allodynia

migraine symptomsMigraine is a complex disease with myriad possible symptoms, including allodynia. Some of these symptoms can be frightening; at the least, they're... Read moreChevron

Acute Migraine Treatment Approved - ONZETRA Xsail Inhaled Sumatriptan

ONZETRA Sxail for MigraineMigraine patients will soon have a new actute treatment available in yet another new delivery system. ONZETRA Xsail™, developed by... Read moreChevron