Wednesday, October 07, 2015

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Using the Spring TMS for Migraine - Oct., 2015, Update

Spring TMS Migraine DeviceSince I posted My Experience with Spring TMS for... Read moreChevron

One Migraine Pep Talk - As Requested

migraine hopePeople often ask me where I get the ideas for the pieces I write about migraine. Many of the pieces I write come from my email, comments and questions I... Read moreChevron

30 Things About My Invisible Migraine Disease

invisible illnessOne reason that migraine is misunderstood and stigmatized is that it's an invisible illness. Migraines don't leave visible scars, don't require... Read moreChevron

30 Things About My Invisible Heart Disease

invisible illnessLiving with heart disease presents definite challenges. In many ways, these challenges are made more difficult by the invisibility of heart disease.... Read moreChevron

Employer Fires Migraine Patient - EEOC Files Discrimination Suit

migraine and discriminationYou'd think that a medical practice would be a place of employment in which medical disabilities, including migraine, would be understood... Read moreChevron