Friday, July 25, 2014

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Midrin medicines for Migraines? - Migraine Question of the Week

What's available now to replace Midrin for Migraines? That's just one of the great questions our readers have asked Migraine disease and other headache disorders here on HealthCentral's Migraine community. Ellen and I both answer questions in our community question and answer section. Dr. Watson and I answer other questions in our Ask the... Read moreChevron

Triptans for Hemiplegic and Basilar Migraine? New Study

Many migraineurs who have hemiplegic migraine and migraine with brainstem aura (formerly called basilar-type migraine) face a truly confounding predicament regarding migraine abortive medications. The prescribing information for the triptans (Imitrex, Maxalt, Zomig, etc.), which are the the most recommended first-line treatment for migraine... Read moreChevron

Migraine and More - Looking Around HealthCentral - July 20, 2014

Since you're here, reading this, it's a pretty safe guess that you have migraine or another headache disorder or know someone who does. Reading and learning about our migraines and headaches is one of the keys to managing them.   Another key to managing our migraines and headaches is remembering to manage any and all health issues we may... Read moreChevron

A Migraine Trigger We Can Avoid - Dehydration

When working to prevent migraines, one of the most essential elements is trigger identification and management. One reason it's so important is that some migraine triggers are avoidable. Dehydration is one such trigger. For some of us, being even a little dehydrated is an extraordinarily strong trigger.   The human body is 65% water. Simply... Read moreChevron

New Migraine and Headache Information from the AHS Scientific Meeting

Ellen and I have just returned from a week in Los Angeles and an unparallel opportunity to learn more about migraine and other headache disorders. We attended the annual scientific meeting of the American Headache Society. This is an annual meeting designed for doctors and other health care professionals to attend continuing medical education... Read moreChevron