Monday, June 27, 2016

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Those Frustrating Migraine Symptoms - Anxiety

migraine symptomsMigraine is a complex disease with myriad possible symptoms. Some of these symptoms can be frightening; at the very least, they're frustrating.... Read moreChevron

A Migraine Attack Isn't a Headache - MHAM Day 26

migraine awarenessJune is Migraine and Headache Awareness Month (MHAM), complete with a social media challenge to blog or otherwise use daily prompts in social media... Read moreChevron

Living in Fear of Our Next Migraine

migraine fearOne of the most insidious things migraine disease does to many of us is instill a disheartening fear of our next migraine.


There's... Read moreChevron

Barriers to Good Medical Care for Chronic Migraine

barriers to migraine careGood medical care is essential for people with migraine, and poorly optimized treatment of episodic migraine is Read moreChevron

Rule Your Migraine by Taking Charge

Whether it's migraine or another health issue, there's a principle I very strongly believe:

The person... Read moreChevron