Migraine Aura Has Many Variations

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  • People who don't have Migraines often think not only of a headache being part of a Migraine, but also of the Migraine aura. Many people think a Migraine can't occur without an aura. Sadly, even some doctors believe this misconception

    The aura is the second potential phase of a Migraine attack. (You can read more about the phases and their potential symptoms in Anatomy of a Migraine.) The aura phase is experienced by a minority of Migraineurs, only about 20 to 25%, and most people who experience aura, don't experience it with every Migraine attack. Most Migraineurs who are diagnosed with Migraine with aura Migraine without aura (MWOA). Most people think about visual symptoms when they think about aura, but there can also be aura symptoms that are not visual. (MWA) are also diagnosed with

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    To better understand Migraine aura, let's take a look at some of the potential symptoms...

    Learn more about Migraine aura and the potential symptoms in Migraine Aura Can Have Many Variations.

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    Medical review by John Claude Krusz, PhD, MD.

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