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  • This morning, a Google alert that I received in my email led me to the Huffington Post site to read a brow-raising article on Migraines by Dr. Mark Hyman. The article is entitled, "How To Eliminate Migraines and Headaches In Less Than A Week."

    You probably already know just by reading the title of that article that I have problems with it. One claim Dr. Hyman makes in his article is:

    "The problem with migraines is the same one we see so often in medicine: We treat the symptoms, not the cause. We only deal with the effects of something and not the underlying 7 keys to UltraWellness. But using Functional Medicine I have been able to get nearly 100 percent of my patients migraine free within days to weeks!?"

    Yeah, right. You and I know better. In addition to this debatable claim, he quotes a lot of statistics and gets the first one dead wrong. He says "More than 10 million Americans have Migraines." Well, I suppose that's true. The fact is that nearly 37 million Americans have Migraines. I don't know how he came up with the 10 million figure. For that number, he footnotes an article by Dr. Stewart Tepper in the journal Headache. The article is from 2008, so his figure should have been closer. More than that, it should have been accurate. Dr. Tepper's article says that 17.6% of females and 5.7% of males have Migraines. A simple check of the data available at www.Census.gov tells us that there are nearly 37 million of us in the U.S. with Migraines.

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    Well, enough from me! If you have a few minutes, I hope you'll go see this article for yourself; and while you're there, leave Dr. Hyman a comment or two. You can find the article HERE.

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Published On: February 06, 2010