Opioids for Migraines - Why Not?

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  • There are many good questions about Migraine treatments. One that comes up with some regularity is, "Why won't my doctor prescribe narcotics / opioids for my Migraines?"

    That's an excellent question. Nancy and I have answered it many times, but readers are understandably dissatisfied with our anwers. It's horrible to need relief and have such a difficult time getting it.

    Since the question came up again in the community Questions and Anwers section this week, I decided to write an article to answer it. An article can go into much more detail than an answer to a community question. I also felt that you might like to have this question answered by doctors. So, when I had the main part of the article written, I emailed it to several Migraine and headache specialists. They asnwered fully and honestly. I hope that will be helpful to all of you.

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    Read the article: Opioids for Migraines - Why Not?

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    Medical review by John Claude Krusz, PhD, MD.

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