Wicked Migraine - Don't Do What I Did!`

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  • I hate Migraines. You hate Migraines. We all hate Migraines.

    You know how our parents used to say, "Don't do as I do; Do as I say?" Hmmmmmmm. Could I get away with saying that to you? No? I didn't think so. So, instead, let me say, "Don't do what I did!"

    For a variety of reasons, last week was really busy. Wednesday and Thursday, I bougght my 12-ounce coffee mug to my desk, worked all day, and didn't drink anything but that coffee all day. I had our poetry contest on my mind, so even though I went to bed at my usual time, I didn't sleep well. I kept thinking about the contest, things that needed done to be ready for it, and so you. You KNOW how that goes.

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    Add our lovely (not!) weather changes, and I was doomed. Friday morning found me waking with a Migraine so bad I could hardly walk. I still have the bruise from walking into the bathroom door frame.

    It was the worst Migraine I'd had in years. Despite triptans AND rescue medications, it kept me in bed all day Friday and most of Saturday. Arghhhhh!

    So why am I telling you about this? For a couple of reasons:

    • Except for the weather changing, my triggers -- dehydration and not sleeping well those nights -- were avoidable, but I blew it. Big time. I know better than to not drink enough fluids. I also know that when my mind is so wound up at bed time, I need to meditate, use relaxation methods, and if none of those work, take something to help me sleep well. I know those things, but I did them anyway. I guess this says not to get cocky about it when things are going well.
    • This is a good example of stackable triggers. I might have gotten away unscathed if there had only been one or even two of those triggers, but the combination of the three slapped me down hard.

    Please, don't do what I did! I don't want any of you to go through that if it can be avoided. If you do, don't be too hard on yourself, but don't let the Migraine be in vain either. Let it remind you, as it did me, not to do what I did!

    Live well,

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Published On: February 22, 2010