Can Migraines Kill?

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  • People have many questions about Migraines. Those questions can be about Migraine symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, and many other issues. One of the most intense questions that I've been asked on is, "Can Migraines kill?"

    "Can Migraines kill?" There is no simple yes-or-no answer to this question, but I'm going to answer it as best I can. Before you continue reading, however, I want you to take a deep breath and promise yourself that you're going to read this entire article so you fully understand the answer.

    The answer is: Directly, no; indirectly, yes. At first glance, that answer may be frustrating and frightening, but that's not the whole answer, so keep reading our new article, Can Migraines Kill?

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    Medical review by John Claude Krusz, PhD, MD.

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    Last updated March 1, 2010
Published On: March 01, 2010