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  • Abi Addison who maintains the blog "Abi's Migrainous Wanderings" seems to have had an interesting email encounter with a "world-class doctor of chiropractic" after encountering his guestbook entry on MAGNUM's Web site. I think it's safe to say that she found that entry a bit overblown.

    Today, she writes,

    "Yesterday evening, I came across a post on the MAGNUM guestbook that I'm now told was approved by accident and has now been removed by their Support Advisor, Teri Robert. It was from a chiropractor who claimed, "EVERY single migraine sufferer I've ever cared for has no longer suffered from migraines after, some had 100% relief after just 1 visit." He had included the URL for his Web site. I call that post "spam;" he says, "I only put on the link so you and other could see the testimonials." His name isn't important, and I'm not going to give him the benefit of Internet exposure by posting it..."

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    It should be noted that both Abi and I have the utmost respect for physicians, chiropractors, and any other healthcare professional who has reasonable philosophies and respects his or her patients. In this case, however, we have a chiropractor who is claiming something neither of us ever buys into -- a 100% success rate. I hope you'll take a few minutes to read the rest of Abi's blog entry. I promise you that it's not an angry tirade. You'll find it both interesting and amusing!

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Published On: June 22, 2007