I Planned to Have a Migraine Yesterday

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  • Does it sound strange to say I planned to have a Migraine yesterday? If it does, we need to talk.

    Do you know what your triggers are? Most of us have triggers that we know about but can't avoid. For me, one of them is altitude. Flying triggers a Migraine. Driving through mountains triggers a Migraine.

    Yesterday, I was driving to the Washington, DC, area. That meant driving through mountains in West Virginia and Maryland. So, I planned to have a Migraine. I didn't know if it would hit during the drive, yesterday evening, or today, but I knew there was about a 90% probability that it would happen. That didn't mean that I wouldn't make the trip or even dread the trip. It DID mean, however, that there were things I needed to do and be aware of. Since I make this trip frequently, there are plans in place. Let me share with you what I've done to be ready...

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    • As always, I had my Migraine abortive, antinausea medication, a bottle of water, and other items in the car.
    • I knew from prevous trips where the roadside rest areas are in case I needed to stop.
    • I knew which exits along the way have hotels that are likely to have rooms open if I were hit with a severe Migraine and needed to stop for several hours or overnight.

    Most importantly, perhaps, I didn't let it worry me or make the trip less enjoyable. It was a beautiful day, and I enjoyed the drive. Worrying wouldn't have kept me from having a Migraine, but it would have kept me from enjoying the drive.

    Do you plan for Migraines when you know you're going into a situation with a trigger? If not, give it some thought. It really does make life easier.

    If you need some help with this, take a look at MAPP Your Migraine .


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