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  • Some of you who are former subscribers to my Putting Our Heads Together newsletter have asked me to start sending it again. When I can, I'm happy to meet your requests, so the newsletter will start going out again on Monday, April 12.

    The Putting Our Heads Together newsletter doesn't replace our MyMigraineConnection.com newsletters. It will have different information in it, and going out on Mondays, it will arrive in your email on a day when our MMC newsletters don't go out. The new newsletter will include information from both MMC and HelpForHeadaches.com with links to:

    • new research articles
    • new articles on all aspects of Migraine and headache management
    • tips for living well while coping with Migraines and headaches
    • quizzes to challenge yourself
    • live Migraine chats
    • Migraine advocacy information
    • upcoming free Migraine and headache e-courses

    As always, the Putting Our Heads Together newsletter will be delivered to you free. If you'd like to receive it, please visit the subscription page.

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