Migraines in Literature - Harry Potter?

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  • There is literature with Migraineurs as characters and Migraineurs who have written great literature. Possibly the most well known is Lewis Carroll who wrote Alice in Wonderland

    It's believed that much of the imagery in "Alice in Wonderland" came from Carroll's Migraine auras. In fact, there's a rare type of aura called Alice in Wonderland Syndrome.

    In recent literature, probably the best know character theorized to possibly have Migraines is Harry Potter. In 2007, Dr. Fred Sheftell, Dr. TImothy Steiner, and Hallie Thomas took a good look at the description of Harry's "headaches" in the Harry Potter Books.

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    Their review of the books resulted in a fascinating journal article that explored what type of headache disorder Harry may have. Find out more about what they had to say in Does Harry Potter Have Migraines?

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    Medical review by John Claude Krusz, PhD, MD.

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