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    For those of you who are super busy or don't feel well enough to look around for what's new, each week, I'll be posting links for you here. Links to the newest Migraine and headache information we've made available here on MyMigraineConnection.

    Without further ado, here's some of the newest information we've published here for you:

    Orgasmic and Preorgasmic Headache - The Basics
    The "big O" and activity leading up to it can cause headaches that are "officially" recognized and have specific diagnostic criteria. Learn more about these headaches here ...


    What do you know about "Big O" Headaches?

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    How much did you get out of our article on preorgasmic and orgasmic headaches? Take our quiz to find out ...

    Are You Getting Substandard Migraine Care Too?
    On April 13, the most appalling study was released confirming something I had suspected for a long time. The study is the "Impact of insurance status on migraine care in the United States."
    1  Migraineurs (and patients in general, in my opinion) who are uninsured or insured with Medicaid and/or Medicare get substandard medical care. Yes, you read that correctly...

    Migraine Research - Send an Email Today to Increase Funding!
    We're making progress, but we have to keep pushing forward. Senator Patrick Leahy and Representative Peter Welch have written a letter about this to Dr. Francis Collins, the Director of the NIH. For this letter to be effective, we need other Senators and Representatives to co-sign it. PLEASE, click the "Take Action" link below to email your Senators and Representative, asking them to co-sign the letter. A beginning and ending for the email has been written for you. There's an open section for you to add a personal paragraph. Sending these emails can be done in literally less than 10 minutes. You don't have to know the email addresses to send them to. Once you've entered your name and mailing address, the system will automatically email them for you...


    Sticky Note Tuesday: Who's In Charge with Migraines?
    This is a new weekly SharePost, one that you have to see to understand. Please take a look and let me know what you think? There are also directions if you'd like to participate in Sticky Note Tuesday...

    Chats and Transcripts of 4/21 Chats on Migraines, Nutrition, and Food Triggers.
    We're having two chats discussing how nutrition impacts overall health, thus impacting Migraine and Migraine prevention; figuring out what's right for each of us; foods that can trigger Migraines; and other food / nutritional issues. We've been having a great time with these chats. You can find the links these chats, or the transcripts of them afterward, here...

    Want More Migraine News and Info? It's HERE!
    Some of you who are former subscribers to my Putting Our Heads Together newsletter have asked me to start sending it again. When I can, I'm happy to meet your requests, so the newsletter will start going out again on Monday, April 12...

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    Get Answers To Your Migraine and Headache Questions
    When you have questions about Migraines or headaches, our site offers three ways to ask those questions and get answers.

    Take some time to look through the questions and answers in our Community Q & A section and our Ask the Clinician archives. You may be amazed at how many of your questions are answered there.

    That's it for this week. I'll be doing an update weekly to keep you up-to-date on the newest information on our site. Other good ways for you to keep up are subscribing to our free newsletter and subscribing to our shareposts. Here are some subscription links for you (note that you need to be logged in before subscribing):

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