Summer Migraine Triggers -- Dehydration

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  • Summer is upon us, along with summer Migraines. Many of us have seen an increase in Migraines lately due to weather changes. There's nothing we can do to avoid changes in the weather, but we can avoid another common summer Migraine trigger — dehydration.

    The human body is 65% water. Simply put, dehydration occurs as the result of excessive loss of water from the body — when we lose more water than we take in. It's a bit more complicated than that since the body loses valuable electrolytes as well. That's why sports drinks have become so popular; they replenish electrolytes as well as just fluid. Dehydration can be a major issue, both in and of itself and as a Migraine or headache trigger.

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    You can read more about dehydration and how to avoid it in Dehydration -- An Avoidable Migraine Trigger.

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    Last updated June 12, 2010
Published On: June 12, 2010