Father's Day - Remember, Dads Get Migraines Too!

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  • Tomorrow is Father's Day, and there's no better time than Father's Day to remember this -- Dad's have Migraines too!

    Most people usually think of women when they think of Migraines. It is true that more women than men have Migraines. Eighteen percent of women have Migraine, but it does affect six to eight percent of men as well.

    We've been seeing a lot of information about Migraine and cardiovascular disease (CVD) risks, especially about women with Migraine and increased stroke risk. Let's not forget to take care of Dad too though. In a study of men, the risk of major cardiovascular events in men with Migraines was increased by 24% with myocardial infarction (heart attack) as the leading reported cardiovascular event. As we do when discussing women's risks, we need to keep those numbers in perspective and to to realize that this 24% increase translates to just two major CVD events per 10,000 men per year. For more information on this, see Migraine Disease Linked to Cardiovascular Disease in Men.

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    Tomorrow, let's not forget the Dads we love. Let's shower them with some extra attention. If they have Migraines and don't know about this increased risk of CVD, share the information with them and encourage them to talk with their doctors about ways to reduce their risks of CVD.

    To all you Dads, Happy Father's Day!

    Please be good to yourselves. If you have Migraines, please talk to your doctor about how you can reduce your risks of cardiovascular disease. We love you and want you to be around for a long time!

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Published On: June 19, 2010