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  • ... That's what you can find on our forum! One of the worst things about Migraine disease is that it can be isolating. We may not be able to go out as much as we'd like, or we may have friends who don't understand. When you visit our forum, there's no need for you to get dressed, face bright lights, or leave your comfort zone. You can even bring your pets with you! We may not have all the answers to all your questions, but we can search together, and we're always there to support each other. Many of our forum members tell me that it's like having a "headache and Migraine family."


    Here are some current discussions of interest. Please join us for these discussions or to start one of your own. One thing is certain -- you know there will be folks there who understand!

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    • Scent Triggers Question
      I am looking for info about scent/fragrance triggers. I never considered this before as a reason for my almost daily migraines. Can a smelly lotion/soap or cleaning product cause an instant migraine attack?
    • Daughter with migraines
      My daughter, 15, has been getting ‘headaches' since 4th grade. She has been dx'd with migraines for less than 1 year and was sent to a neurologist...
    • Today is one whole month without a migraine.
      That's right. It's been one month since my last migraine. Which isn't to say that I haven't had to use any medications either. I've had a couple instances where I felt that a slight pain could turn into something more, so I took a Relpax...
    • Beyond preventives
      What other treatments are there? I know it is pretty impossible to run out of preventives to try, but still...
    • Migraines or MS?
      I have had migraines for about 25 years. About 20 years or so ago went to a neurologist and got a confirmed migraine diagnosis, tests run, etc. Now fast forward to several months ago when my fatigue level is out of control and I can no longer function and do my daily life...

    See you on the forum!

    The generally long periods of time between my Migraines are the result of working with a Migraine specialist to refine my preventive regimen. You can see my current regimen HERE.

Published On: July 19, 2007