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  • Migraine is a genetic neurological disease. We inherit Migraines.

    We know that my mother, her father, and her grandmother were all Migraineurs. My father used to go to bed for days at a time with what he thought were sinus headaches. We now know that those were probably Migraines.

    When one parent has Migraine disease, their children have a 50% chance of inheriting the disease. When both parents have Migraine, their children have a 75% chance of inheriting it. Some of our readers have asked if their Migraines will follow the patterns of their parents because of the genetic component. No, the genetics of the disease don't mean that our patterns will necessarily be similar to those of our parents. My mother's primary trigger was the hormonal fluctuations of her menstrual cycle, and she stopped having Migraines after menopause. That hasn't held true for my Migraines at all. Hormonal fluctuations were never a trigger for me, and mine have not stopped with menopause.

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    Some of you have heard that my mother passed away on Saturday, June 26. I appreciate the emails and the notes some of you have posted for me on Facebook. Please know that I'm doing well. Mom had been ill for quite some time, and she had actually been praying for release from this world. We know that she is no longer suffering, and that's a great comfort. Memorial services and the like aren't for the departed; they're for those of us who are left here. Our small family has decided to go out to dinner this evening and share memories rather than having any type of public memorial service. Since Mom was a Migraineur, and she knew of the Migraine Research Foundation (MRF), we've asked that anyone who feels a need to try to do something for us make a donation to the MRF at Please don't feel that any of you need to do this though. It really is enough to know that you care.

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