Another Life Lost to Migraine

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  • How many of us have had times when dealing with Migraines has made us wonder, "Why go on?" I know I've had times when I felt that way. I thought I'd never really have a life because my Migraines were robbing me of it.

    Sadly, Maria Marotta felt that way last week, and she gave up. The wife of legendary comedian Rich Little, Marotta left her husband a note, then took a deliberately fatal overdose of medication.

    Getting help and support when we feel that way is vitally important. If you never remember anything else that I write here, please remember:

    • You are NOT alone, and
    • there IS hope.

    You can read more about this in Maria Marotta, a Life Lost to Migraine.

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    Last updated July 21, 2010
Published On: July 21, 2010